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  1. Replaying Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, thoughts??? I haven't touched the game since 2014, going back with fresh view.


    Setting aside the nostalgia and original formula of A Link To The Past, the game holds it's own very well. I love the art style. It's very cute and grows on you with repeat plays. I absolutely love the orchestrated soundtrack featuring full symphony renditions of the old SNES music (the dark world theme remix being my favorite). Upon first playing, I thought of the wall merge idea as a gimmick, but now upon a second replay, I see this is very neat and adds a new dimension to the 2D play style. 


    Overall, terrific game! 

    1. Jules


      No real thoughts from me, I have not played Zelda since the old old days. lmao 

      Still adorable though and I adore the music from it that is new.

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