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  1. Replaying Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, thoughts??? I haven't touched the game since 2014, going back with fresh view.


    Setting aside the nostalgia and original formula of A Link To The Past, the game holds it's own very well. I love the art style. It's very cute and grows on you with repeat plays. I absolutely love the orchestrated soundtrack featuring full symphony renditions of the old SNES music (the dark world theme remix being my favorite). Upon first playing, I thought of the wall merge idea as a gimmick, but now upon a second replay, I see this is very neat and adds a new dimension to the 2D play style. 


    Overall, terrific game! 

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    2. Synthetic




      Okay if they are imports then they probably do cost too much and it's best to just find them online for free.


      That is a solution but you would be surprised at video game nerds, or just nerds in general that will fork out money for something they love. And I'm not innocent either, I've blown a lot of money in the past on old records, sometimes crazy excessive amounts of money on trash albums. I stopped collecting a few years ago, I just don't have the money to afford to blow it on CD's and old records left and right anymore (and to be honest, I'm running out of room for CD's. So many take up a lot of space) 

    3. Jules


      I think I would rather buy the Miami Vice stuff if I am going to blow some money lol.

    4. Synthetic



      That would NOT be wasting money. Miami Vice is the bomb, and right now some of those DVD sets are dirt cheap with the new 2016 boxed reissues coming out in October. 


      I can't wait for my birthday, I'm ordering season 5 so I can go back and re-watch the finale. 

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