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  1. As a guitar player, I've learned that if you can spot the difference between all variations of Reverb in recording, you can pretty much nail whatever decade a song was made in a blindfold test by knowing all the reverb sounds correctly. With digital reverb popularized since the 90's, that might be the reason so many late 90's and 2000's music sound like they were made in the same era (setting aside the evolution in studio production standards). I love digital reverb, so that's not an attack on it, but I do many guitar players that hate reverb with a passion. 

    1. Jules


      Reverb in recording almost sounds Biblical.


      Proverb, Reverb


      Sorry lmao 



    2. Synthetic



      It IS biblical for music lmao


      Reverb makes everything sound better in studio recording. I'll never record without it 

    3. Jules


      Thou shall always have Reverb.

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