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  1. Celebrating the Rams return to LA; that one time they made the SB...



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    2. Jules


      Oh and please keep the Bowie background photo up for a while longer. lmao I like it.

    3. Synthetic


      The Bowie background picture is staying for good through 2016. I had to change the Prince avatar, cause I feel like I am reminded far more than enough about his death. They recently revealed the drug that killed him, and people just walk up to me and that's the first thing they say "Drugs killed Prince!'. I'd rather talk about his music, his fashion, his performances, anything besides his death. 

    4. 2006Coltsbestever


      Yeah I seen where it was drugs but to me it doesn't matter. He was one of the best in his craft if not the best. Just unfortunate. Prince's death bothered me for like a week where I didn't even want to hear his music.

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