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  1. I want a new Strat, regardless of the fact I don't need a new one. It's no been 4 months since I've really played the Les Paul, I cannot get the same satisfaction out of that guitar that I can a Strat. 

    1. Synthetic


      now* been 4 months. I barely touch the Les Paul anymore. Took it out today and played for about 20 minutes and then put it back down in favor of the Strat. The LP handles Metal style very well, but even there, I can get crunch just fine out of the Strat, and that thing can play metal with the right effects dialed in. 









    2. Jules


      Too bad you could not trade the Les Paul to someone for a new Strat.

    3. Synthetic



      Les Paul is valued around $1,200 to $1,600 (counting the fat neck profile and gold hardware). I could get 3 or maybe 4 cheap Strats from trading that in. 

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