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  1. I've been into many debates over the years about vinyl vs digital, and this short 3 minute video hits it spot on in the shortest way possible. 



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    2. southwest1


      I get what the guy was driving at. It depends whether the listener prefers a polished sound, a rough gritty sound usually with mistakes for authenticity purposes, or just the smallest container to play music on that has longevity & doesn't deteriorate quickly due to extreme heat or harsh treatment by the user. 


      I think why CDs are so popular as a medium is because we live in a singles world now & you can't fast forward songs on a turntable with a needle with precision every time. It's rare that fans buy entire albums of an artist anymore. 

    3. Synthetic



      CD's are dying out. They used to be overly expensive around 21-22 dollars a disc. Oh lordy, I do not miss the days of spending that much money on a single album. CD prices are at an all time low since people quit buying them as frequently in the last 15 years. I still buy CD's, sometimes a stack at a time since they're so cheap now. 


      The internet is the reason no one is buying albums anymore and hasn't in the past decade. It's so much easier for people to just download something for free, and even there the big deal now is digital which is going to be the future weather we like it or not. 


      I just noticed that video is somewhat confusing. What he means "Digital vs vinyl" seems like format, but I think he's really talking about audio mastering. Most vinyls were recorded with analog prior to the 1980's. Digital audio recording has been around a lot longer than people realize. By the mid 80's, most studios were recording completely digitally and ditching analog since it was so much easier and had better results. 

    4. Jules


      I still buy and listen to cds lol.

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