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  1. Within a span of 4 months I have lost my favorite rock star and now my last living guitar hero, both in just 4 months...this has been a rough, rough year and we haven't even gotten to the summer heat yet. 

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    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      I think regarding YouTube, since Prince passed away some of his video's are being blocked for some reason or are phony's for some reason. I noticed that too when I tried to watch a couple.

    3. Synthetic



      Prince fought Youtube for many years, however he officially threw the towel back in February. NPG restored the videos that were taken down, by Youtube users that filed complaints and asked for it to be brought back up. This was a big controversial thing back in February, where a bunch of those videos were brought back on Youtube, and the users got emails from NPG records representives (NPG is Prince's private label)


      Once upon a time Prince used to be very very hardcore with this stuff. I have a friend on Youtube who does guitar videos, and he did videos of himself playing solos and riffs from Prince songs years ago, and he had a lawyer representing Warner Brothers come at him for using those songs in videos. That was about 5 years ago, that's the height of how bad they were over Prince stuff but rest easy, he threw in the towel and gave up 2 months ago. 


      Those videos with the audio blocked are older ones before this year. 


      Jules you wanna listen to some Prince albums? Here you go 



    4. Jules


      Okay there you go, thats the album with some songs I was looking for that had some up on youtube with no audio.



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