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  1. Within a span of 4 months I have lost my favorite rock star and now my last living guitar hero, both in just 4 months...this has been a rough, rough year and we haven't even gotten to the summer heat yet. 

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    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      Not sure regarding YouTube? I even found Darling Nikki on YouTube today. I am listening again. Curry's injury is probably a blessing in disguise LOL. He needed the rest and they will beat the Rockets and whoever they play next anyway. Hell they could me out there against the Clippers and still win with the other players they have in Draymond and Klay (sarcasm). He will be 100% more than likely when they face the Spurs or Thunder, so if I was a Warriors fan I wouldn't panic.

    3. 2006Coltsbestever


      *put me out there

    4. Jules


      I am having a tough time finding a lot of Prince on youtube so I might have to look elsewhere online. I found a few that worked but I did find a few with the audio shut off. And a few that trick you and it's a remake by someone else.


      With Curry, not sure if this is good for them. He probably should have not even played yesterday since they really didn't even need him in this stupid series to begin with. And well......when he does come back will he be 100%?  I think it's a wait and see situation too since I know from the Colts when someone has a "small" knee sprain or bruise it can turn into disaster lol.

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