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  1. Today is the sad anniversary if you're a grunge fan. RIP Kurt, and RIP Layne. Nirvana and Alice In Chains marathon, all day. 

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    2. Jules


      I know that song by Alice in Chains. I know a ton of their music but I don't think I ever bought anything from them or got it. I admit they were a pretty talented band.


      I think when most think of grunge they think "Nirvana" first and Kurt Cobain and probably because well.......yeah they were pretty freaking grungy lol and Kurt died giving him the legend status and all that crap at 27. And granted Nirvana wasn't really all that smooth in sound a lot and was a product of studio production.......they did click hardcore as a band for the short time they had together. They had chemistry. 


      Some of the early Manson stuff is also grunge in a way you once told me and you can hear it on Portrait which ironically is still my favorite album of theirs due to cake and sodomy LOL.


      At least Manson had lyrics though. Nirvana's lyrics were pretty bland. I am a big fan of lyrics but still have that stupid soft spot for grunge. 


      It was sort of that "I don't care" angst movement too that many dug.


      I think some grunge could even be called punk at times? Some Nirvana was punk-ish if you dig through it and some STP stuff too maybe even.

    3. Synthetic



      Marilyn Manson's original band "The Spooky Kids" were hardcore grunge or punk, whatever you want to call it. He didn't want to be grunge, and he clashed with his band mates over this when he hooked up with Reznor who produced and pushed the music in a more modern industrial way. 


      Grunge was punk rock all over again, same thing. They play the same power chord heavy songs, and it's all muddy sounding and loud. You aren't wrong that production really helped Nirvana. The band fought the producers over Nevermind, and thankfully the producer's won and we got a much more polished sounding album. I listened to their debut 'Bleach' the other day, and I'm always taken back at how horribly produced that album is. 


      Alice In Chains was too talented to be called grunge. They are a metal band in my eyes, they certainly had the rhythm section for it to compete with all the big metal bands out at the time. 


      I couldn't ever get into Stone Temple Pilots. They became the 70's nostalgia band of the 90's, and I hated that stuff. I would rather listen to the real deal of Bowie or Iggy Pop, rather than a poor imitation of it. I hated that Scott Weiland died last year, since he was so big during my youth. STP's debut album was OK, but everything else fell flat. 



    4. Jules


      At least we got "creep" lol





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