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  1. It's official; Dan Marino has a Super Bowl ring.....in Tecmo Super Bowl. 

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    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      Jules, I thought for sure you were talking about the great Ben Roethlisberger in 2005 haha He was clearly the MVP of the SB (sarcasm)

    3. Jules


      I have a thing for the 2000 Ravens though because on defense I just thought they were scary as hell. I mean even looking back to this past season......I am not even sure we beat the 2000 Ravens like we did the 2015 Broncos.


      I will not discuss the 2005 Steelers. I am still trying to forget that game vs. the Colts. :eek:


      Although I think we can say maybe the Broncos best days are over for a while unless the D learns to fly and play offense too.


      They went from Peyton to......well please tell me people here won't get into the Sanchez and Kaepernick show? lmao 

    4. 2006Coltsbestever


      Yeah the Broncos have a problem at QB no doubt. They have a Great Defense but I cant see Sanchez or Kaepernick leading them to a Repeat SB win. The 2000 Ravens perhaps had the best Defense of all-time. I would rank it higher than Denver's of last season. The 1985 Bears are in that discussion as well.

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