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  1. I forgot how much fun a printer and scanner can be when you don't have to use it for anything work related, so happy my new scanner works in color. 

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    2. southwest1


      Congrats on the new additions to your family Bogie. Are you gonna name 1 of them ole 'blue eyes' in honor of Frank Sinatra? 

    3. Jules


      No thats not my real cat, kinda wish it was though. Thats a heap of fluff I could have a lot of fun with. I used to have a real fluffy cat for many many years who died a 4 years ago. She was pushing 20 years old though. Her name was Tiffany.


      Bogie has new kittens that are cute as hell. One is a little fatty too!!!

    4. southwest1


      Age 20 for a cat is remarkable actually. Sorry you lost Tiffany Jules. Yeah, that cat on the printer looked like she owned her domain that's for sure. We don't train pets; they train us as you already know. 

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