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  1. Patiently waiting for Mark Kermode's review of Batman vs Superman, only thing I am excited for about this movie.

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    2. Synthetic


      BIG ACTION BOOM BOOM. You know something funny about this? I have watched a lot of 80's action stuff recently, and the only thing loud in those movies is gun shots and cars, but they're still not that bad. It seems in older movies, the music is louder than the effects, and I appreciate that greatly. 


      Mark Kermode said that about Man of Steel, he said that it was like watching a heavy metal band and they keep getting louder at the end lmao


      I knew this new movie was going to suck but I can't wait to hear him rip it to shreds on the BBC tomorrow, been waiting for this review now for 2 years. 

    3. Jules


      A heavy metal band that keeps getting louder. lmao 


      I hope this movie don't suck, but I hear early reviews are not that good? Then again reviews by critics are not everything.


      I bet a lot of this forum thinks "Superman vs. Batman" is about Manning and Brady. 


      The concept sounds weird to me, do they fight or something in this film? 

    4. JPPT1974


      Know on the Rotten Tomatoes it got like a 40% of positive review. Really not a Super Hero fan much of. My nephews however would love this.

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