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  1. Patiently waiting for Mark Kermode's review of Batman vs Superman, only thing I am excited for about this movie.

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    2. Jules


      LOL I didn't even realize Pacino was in that, that movie was the butt of a lot of jokes many years ago. I think yeah Ben and JLo were an item once. Was that Bennifer? It was that time period when couples names got combined.


      I have not seen anything with JLo since American Idol when I still watched it.



      I thought "the wedding planner" was a cute film with her and Matthew M. though in the early 2000's. lmao 




      Back when Matthew M was stuck in the romantic fantasy leading roles that nobody took seriously. I remember the wedding planner too since she played someone smart in the movie who worked hard at her job.




      LOL any guys on this forum who come in this status now to see about the batman/superman film are going to be like WTH?

    3. Jules


      LOL someone here just posted a status update that Batman vs. Superman is awful. lmao They saw it.



    4. southwest1


      Al Pacino is in "Gigli" really? I believe you Bogie. I just hold him in high esteem from his work with director Michael Mann with "The Insider" & "Heat" that I don't want anything to tarnish my opinion of his acting ability. I even liked him in "You Don't Know Jack" as in Dr. Jack Kevorkian as an HBO TV special. 

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