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  1. I hope everyone enjoyed the new Star Wars movie. I won't be able to see it until after Christmas when I'm healed up. 

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    2. radiogirl


      Get better quickly!

    3. Synthetic



      if you haven't seen it yet, and you love the older Star Wars films, I can guarantee you that you're probably going to love it. 

    4. southwest1


      I noticed this trend in Hollywood to blow the dust off of older films & reboot them 2 decades later: Footloose, Point Break, Spider Man. I think the word original is a foreign concept to CA movie mogul studio executives. 


      It's like remakes on steroids, stilts, & a spin the top factory. Eventually, studio heads will run out of films to screw up & over commercialize. One can only hope Bogie. 


      If you can't beat em join them, I guess. As a ticket purchaser myself, I'm patiently waiting on the Flash Dance reboot. Bring on Zoe Saldana in the leading role as a welder by day & stripper by night & that famous drenched water dance routine on stage. LOL! 

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