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  1. Dude, you got some 'right wing/left wing' issues that you need to figure out bro. This is like twice in the past week or so you come out railing against some perceived right wing nutcase, when there are plenty of left wing nutcases.  You have your own views, that fine.  But knock the bashing of other views off.  Isn't tolerance the mantra of the left?  Oh wait, thats only for people that agree with you.  That is some definition of tolerance the left has.

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    2. Narcosys


      oh, Now I'm the bad guy lol.  Why are you in on this? 

    3. Jules


      Because I can be and I do share many of his views as well. Now again......scamper. Don't make a leftist woman too mad or she can go insane......right?

      So see ya later Narcosys, thanks for your contributions. Much appreciated. Buh bye.

    4. Nadine


      We all need to be more mindful that this is a diverse board.

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