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  1. Mathis was the best rush linebacker in the entire league coming into last season. Anybody who pretends his loss wasn't significant is living in fantasy land, just as those who try to convince ColtsNation he is replaceable or washed up carries little merit. Sure, he is not getting ANY younger...BUT this is 2015, we live in a day and age where sports medicine and professional athletes have reached the pinnacle per say. Athletes not ONLY are Faster,Stronger, and Bigger then decades past. Today's athletes can perform for a much longer period of time, extending careers of many in just the past deca
  2. That's the norm...some people just have nothing positive to say. I am glad to see Grigs & Pagano make the move to pickup a proven veteran and pass rusher. Of course We All could find fault and place blame and or ridicule the organization and their decisions ... Have there been mistakes and or misses on draft picks,free agents, skill players,linemen,etc??? Of course there has been, but I've always felt if you don't make Any Mistakes that just Means you have done NOTHING!!!! WE CANNOT FAULT GRIGSON FOR REMAINING IDLE OR PASSIVE, HE IS QUITE THE OPPOSITE OF THAT!!!! It is a process, and as l
  3. IMO Holmes has more then enough playing experience against top quality competition. He was a 4 year starter in high school while attending Mater Dei(spell?) with Matt Barkley. That IS A TOP FLIGHT FOOTBALL SCHOOL which plays the best football schools in California and the nation. Then he gets a scholarship to USC!!!!!! LET'S NOT PRETEND THAT PLAYING COLLEGIATE FOOTBALL FOR THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA IS SOME SMALL FEAT!!!!! There are thousands of student athletes who have their dreams crushed after high school, because the simple fact is IT TAKES A LOT to continue playing into the ne
  4. Thx...I love good articles/blogs...especially when it's about Colts football!yes Grigs was fantastic yr 1...and fir that reason I believe in him in spite if missing the mark on a few players last yr in his second go at it. Let's hope the 3rd times the charm.
  5. The interior of our offensive line should be priority #1 for Grigson as we seen our franchise (in Andrew Luck)laid out on the ground WAY TOO MANY TIMES. Yes, Costanzo whiffed a few times as did Cherilus...but for the most part the edge seems to be above average. It seems that the units weakest link is @ center. Satele was brought in with hopes of him reaching his full potential as the quarterback of the offensive line. Unfortunately(for Andrew Luck/Trent Richardson/ Donald Brown) this plan hasn't been one of the best moves. I thought we made a mistake last off-season in letting Denver swindle
  6. Overall record should be at least 11-5...with our defenseive additions &Coyers ability to construct proven defensive teams in the past is it coincidental changes are being made? Sitting n watching the obvious holes in our 'D' year in & year out hasn't been convincing enough that channge necessarily wasn't only desired, but needed...now over on the other side of the ball we have Peyton, enough said...better O Line, much needed help at rb, and key offensive pieces returning. 11-5 is the least we go, I believe we sit 13-3 when its all said and done with our only losses coming from Pittsbu
  7. Man... to think we call ourselves fans yet say,'you know we have a pretty tough schedule this year, I sure hope we can somehow muster enough courage to fight off the dawg pound from Cleveland when they show up...I think they will whoop our behinds!'???? What's up with that? I puked in my mouth while sarcastically writing this...wow
  8. I'm w/u on that one...Big Macs 2nd season (hopefully healthier will b just what the doc ordered!!)
  9. We haven't been a good enough run team for awhile. Of course we all want Mannning upright , but as been witnessed over the past couple seasons we are all fortunate to have Peyton...let's move ahead as a multi dimensional offense and a toughh O Line whose ready to drive their opponets back and open huge holes for our rb's to run through...I like the additions of Castanzo & Illajino..bigger, stronger,younger..Go Colts!
  10. I believe in blue! This franchise has got the most out of its players, I would venture to say..more then other teams,right? For all true Colts fans we all seen our defenses over the past years get shredded, as Manning & Co stood impatiently on the sideline awaiting another chance to get on the field. With the FA aquisitions,draft,existing personnel and (Larry Coyers vision for THIS TEAM, OUR BELOVED COLTS) we finally have something to be excited for on the defensive side of the ball since the 'eraser'(Bob Sanders) was flying all over the field as a wreckless missle striking opponets down w
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