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  1. elyanon

    Colts to Interview McDaniels on Thursday

    WoolMagne Nice post on Jim Irssay
  2. elyanon

    Colts to Interview McDaniels on Thursday

    it seems the fans expect McDaniels: to be the next Colts HC. It certianly would be nice for Andrew
  3. elyanon

    Colts to Interview McDaniels on Thursday

    Anyone who remembers Bob Irssay more than likely see's Jim as a very good Colts owner, He keeps us fans more informed than all but a few team owners
  4. elyanon


    OffensivelyPC That's why I asked most of what I did. Unless the Colts owner , GM and Couches knew we would be without Luck for the year before the start of the season, they were evaluating players with Andrew as the QB. And yes a second year will tell us a lot Pagano is gone.
  5. elyanon


    Coltsfanforlife12 Where did you get the info on Pagano choices? Just asking?
  6. elyanon


    Sorry I had no idea caps was considered yelling. I appologize to all my fellow Colts Fans
  7. elyanon


    Thanks for your responce Jduba. You're right we can't read minds and Luck having to miss the season changed a lot. We also had a lot of key injuries with last years backfield draft (which I felt 3 we very good picks and we got lucky on a 4th). plus we got Mack on the O we've been hit with too many injuries in the last 3 seasons . As far as the personel merry go round of 2017 from everything written while it was going on
  8. elyanon


    Who's screaming folks. I just asked some questions whether you believe them uninformed or not fine though as one fellow fan said wanting to lock this useless question line down Ballard changed 10 of 11 defensive starters 1 due to the GEATHERS injury that seems like more than a little involvement with who ended up as D starters. I thought the 2 DE's (even their backups) were good keeps and as I wrote Simon and Snead. on the field its the couches that have to work with the players not the GM. I can't say Ballard is wrong for the Colts, but did anyone hear in the off season or the end of last year we were going to be replacing so many players. That we were going to still be looking for player 10 days before the start of the season with the 96 looked in our open tryouts at that time. I thought the nway the teams were not cut down to starting rosters until after the last pre-season game cost sevral NFL teams real problems the the first quarter of the regular season. If we were seeing what some are calling a sub par team in 2017 are we going to see anything like the player movement we saw in 2017 in 2018?
  9. elyanon


    Ballard wasn't stuck with anyone they were his choices not the couches. or owners that was very clear to everyone. I agree he and the HC had serious problems and both probably didn't want to work together. But the number of players we looked at, cut, traded and kept was Ballards responsobility.
  10. This was a tough season for the Colts and Fans. Regardless of the head couch or starting QB very few players had played with the Colts last season and we had one of the fastest revolving doors with players coming and going all year, than I can recall for any team in 5 decades.. There were positions we needed to address on both sides of the Ball and if we begin at the Draft we were addressing those positions with some very good picks and a little luck like getting Marlon Mack in the 4th. Before the pre-season was underway as a Colt Fan since 59' I didn't see what we did other than trash an entire D and pick so many players from somewhere else or um-drafted, walk on and a 90 plus man only Colts tryout players it looked like the couching staff was somehow having to evaluate enough players for 4 or more teams not ONE. And it just continued for weeks into the season. Something was very wrong when the season got underway and the loss of Luck made a flaky situation even worse. Enough has been said about Bissett, the kid did a hell of a job just being tossed into the line up. We had 1 point losse, 3 point losses and overtime losses won with only seconds, or the clock more than I can remember ever seeing in 1 year; 9 games we should have won really only 1 real blow out game 1 when Tolzien scored more for the Rams than the Colts. It didn't look like a team until after mid season, Vonte Davis jut left mid season, rookies were the entire backfield other than Butler who made some great plays for the positions and limited play he had. Geathers did finally play and Farley was a positive surprise and 3 of our backfield rookies showed real potential when not injured. Anyone looking at our WR situation had to be baffled by what they saw the entire season. Without T.Y., and Doyle and our rookie RB Mack we had kept second string WR's and only 1 TE, tossing some very good WR's from the pre-season into the first half of the regular. We had no less than 4 WR's go through our revolving doors that could have replaced anyone on the team other than T.Y. and Montcrief, a couple would have given Montcreif some competition. Other than our 3 down line men, Snead and Simon and some decent rookie back ups even though injuries played a part our ILB's and backfield players probably only were acquaintances not team mates and with Davis leaving mid season when talk of trading T.Y. surfaced the same week. AS A FAN I REALLY WANTED TO KNOW WHAT IN THE WORLD BALLARD WAS DOING AND STILL WONDER. How do you evaluate nearly 200 players in 4-5 weeks and still end up starting Tolzien when Morris and Murpy played better even though Tolzien was more familiar with what we wanted to do with the team? If we even go through a quarter of the players we did in 2017 WE NEED SOME ANSWERS FROM BALLARD. WE NEED TO QUESTION HIS VALUE TO THE COLTS AGAINST HIS DAMAGE. BUT MOST OF ALL CONFUSION BY HIS REVOLVING PLAYER DOOR. THE COUCHING STAFF AT LEAST NEEDS TO KNOW WHO THEIR PLAYERS ARE BY THE TIME THE SEASON STARTS NOT UNTIL WEEK 10 OR 13.
  11. elyanon

    A realistic assessment of Jacoby Brissett

    I've seen a lot of QBs in over 58 years of Colts football many of them high draft pick busts. A number of people have commented on how close 10 games lost were competitive until late in the game and how they were blown by Bissett and/or a poorly conditioned defense. I can' argue against most of their points considering he was the QB our only QB since week 2 and our defensive backfield was a revolving door of players.. Bissett does hold the ball longer than he should at times, often because of the lack of protection and lack of receivers other than Hilton and Doyle But it would have taken a QB like Luck to get more production, out of that weekly merry go round. After all Bissett was brought in as a backup not our starting QB. The Colts also need to look at who is calling the plays. Three of those 10 games were practically given away by bad play calling setting up Bissett to fail more than succeed, when you're losing games by field goals with less than 20 seconds left on the clock in regulation and OT, and you are seeing a different backfield every week on a D that for the most part don't even know each other you've got more than a QB problem. When you're still shipping proven players off the team and bringing in players from somewhere else half way through the season you're not exactly making it easy on the couches either. Keeping Bissett as a backup QB is one of the smallest issues we have to deal with. As a backup he's the best the Colts have played since Hasselback. If wholesale player movement starts again after this season we need to see where so many changes are coming from before we face the consequences of another season as erratic as this one.
  12. this is at least a logical responce

  13. we were going to loose Dorset a former #1 pick it was a topic since training camp considering our back up QB situation (and I don't agree with our cutting Morris and keeping Walker) trading Dorset for Bissett was the best move we could have made rather than just loosing Dorsett

  14. come on Bananabucket there is no way you can have a top 10 and not put Marvin Harrison 3 or four let alone drop him from the list. That's almost a bad as saying Unitus shouild be off the list


    1. Steamboat_Shaun


      Can't say honestly. I'm assuming we add one tomorrow, but your guess is as good as mine who it'll actually be.