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  1. in number of games played vs misdsed a production
  2. this is at least a logical responce

  3. Did we have a choice in naming Bissett this weeks starter? outside of my first 4 plus years in the Marines I had only missed 4 Colts games since 74, i'm glad i didn't miss last weeks at the Rams. Anyone could have told you with out a QB in the NFL it's never going to be a fun. I've heard all week about the OL and despite what everyone is saying they did fine until what QB they had got everyone so confused, and second guessing, here come injuries. If it is 2 games or six games without Luck, with Tolzein we were going to be lucky to survive let alone win a game. We fell 9 spots in the power ran
  4. we were going to loose Dorset a former #1 pick it was a topic since training camp considering our back up QB situation (and I don't agree with our cutting Morris and keeping Walker) trading Dorset for Bissett was the best move we could have made rather than just loosing Dorsett

  5. now that Ferguson is gone let's concentrate on keeping Powell this RB showed more than just flashes, and put him on the wrong list we'll see him on another team in a heart beat
  6. you always hate to hear about players working so hard to get to the NFL being cut and for example ending up in Canada or Arena Football or just never playing again . But when it comes to RB Josh Ferguson I have to say "finally." I never kept count since he's been with the Colts, but several other RB's and other players we've cut to keep him has always just left me thinking why and shaking my head. I wish the man luck at whatever he ends up doing in the future, but I admit I'm glad he won't be taking a spot away from the Colts any longer.
  7. I've got to agree with the majority of replies to your post OLD FAN MAN, the Colts made the trade for two primary reasons 1)they weren't happy with a first rd pick's production despite as fast as Dorset is and 2) They aren't really happy with Tolzien as a long term back up (meaning for the next 5 years or more; not this entire season). Form everything said in a pretty detailed conversation with Irsay concerning Luck last week, On top of putting Andrew on the Active list Monday it's not got anything to do with Luck, it's a matter of his backup's play. I doubt if Luck is out more than two g
  9. Isn't it nice to have a team where so many players could be in a top 10 all time list. With the Colts we need a top 20 or 30, and some one would still have valid arguments on who should be where. But this top 10 is pretty good despite not having a dozen players stuck in as 1a., 1b., 2a., 2b., etc. Pretty good job
  10. come on Bananabucket there is no way you can have a top 10 and not put Marvin Harrison 3 or four let alone drop him from the list. That's almost a bad as saying Unitus shouild be off the list

  11. I have to agree that with all the great Colts this waqs a good top ten
  12. Jets1968 T Patriots will never be in this category; they just cheat if they have
  13. I haven't heard the usual statement of a team when they feel their starting QB won't be, you know; " if A... can't start (isn't ready, healed, comfortable etc.,) we've got a real completion between our backup's" This is when you get some concern. Luck doesn't need more than 1 or 2 series in the pre-season anyway to be ready and a week of practice with his new weapons
  14. Colts fan since 57. I still see problems at the ROL and DE positions. Langford and Anderson, definitely need to play at a high level while our younger players develop including the OLB's, the backfield is full of talent with Adam's retired that spot in the beginning of the season can actually be improved by Butler. We can't count or Geathers, with neck injuries you really don't know how they will go until the hitting starts. We are going to need a run game other teams have to prepare for. Gore, well is Gore he'll (if he starts all season) see another 950 to 1,100 year, but not in the chun
  15. He looked pretty healthy at the town hall meeting, his size was evident on stage, but he did look 10 lbs light in the upper body. I really don't think dropping from 240 to 235 will have much of an impact, by the fourth game he'll be at a comfortable weight
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