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  1. Never thought I'd be 8-0 in fantasy football since it's my 1st time playing. And now that Andy explained the rules to me, I'm just focused on winning my division to secure my spot in the playoffs. The Knights in Armor shall be in the postseason! *Sips apple juice*

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    2. T Y Goodbye

      T Y Goodbye

      Silent..how many total points do you have..TK's got 999.46 so far which is amazing..sure you still want to play him?

    3. SilentHill


      Yea, most of those are from Manning I'm sure ;)

      I have 880, but I also have Gronk, Roddy White, and Steven Ridley who have all been big busts thus far. Imagine my team with the stats from last year.

    4. T Y Goodbye

      T Y Goodbye

      Manning, Gore, V Davis, both KC and Seattle D, Jordy Nelson are his big guns..He's hurting this week with the byes..I'm favored by 28 to beat him this week..so lets just hope..

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