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  1. Had to call Comcast and get them to come out this week to fix the internet. Nothing worse than lagging while playing Call of Duty. Really hope they can fix it. Or TKnight is gonna be angry. And you won't like me when I'm angry >:/

    1. southwest1


      So the Incredible Hulk was based on your temper then TK85? Just Kidding buddy! Remind me to never tick you off. Ha! Ha! :) I'm glad everything is cool again TK. Now, go shoot something would Ya!

    2. TKnight24


      They haven't fixed it. They probably won't come till Wednesday or so. Smh

    3. southwest1


      Oh yeah, cable & internet companies seem to never have an opening or cancellation when you need them to do they? Hang in there man. You must have wifi or a tablet to still access the Colts site at least. I hope that the solution is a simple one for you when the tech shows up.

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