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  1. Had to call Comcast and get them to come out this week to fix the internet. Nothing worse than lagging while playing Call of Duty. Really hope they can fix it. Or TKnight is gonna be angry. And you won't like me when I'm angry >:/

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    2. T Y Goodbye

      T Y Goodbye

      I had Time Warner and they were terrivle..the only other option for me where i live is ATT Uverse..and we haven't had any problems since..i will never get regular cable again...

    3. Nadine


      sorry you are having to deal with that. Dealing with Comcast can be infuriating

    4. BrentMc11


      ^^^^^Nadine is spot on!!! AT&T has some GRRRREAT deals...we ALMOST switched. Our internet/WIFI kicks off when another laptop is turned on....you want to talk about infuriating? Almost makes me as mad as a Manning/Luck bashing thread :)

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