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  1. If you don't Distinguish yourself, the world will make that distinction for you

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    2. southwest1


      Thanks TK85! BTW, I hope that you are having some success convincing your mother to let you attend the college you want since you did receive that scholarship awhile back. Good luck man :)

    3. TKnight24


      haha. But I decided not to go. Yeah I have the scholarship, but the tuition is more than the scholarship. Really don't wanna be paying back student loans my whole life. Sometimes you just can't have what you want you in life
    4. southwest1


      You are a smart man TK85. Why get into massive debt for a job in your profession that you might not find immediately anyway? You're a sharp fella I think who will land on your feet nicely in my opinion. :D Things happen for a reason pal. You will be a success eventually. You just probably have to travel down a few dead end roads 1st before you fly on the Interstate Highway buddy!

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