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  1. People can say RG3 is BETTER than Andrew Luck just because his Stats are Better. But at the End of the Day, WINS are all that Matter. We're the #5 Seed in the AFC. Where's the Skins at??? Oh, okay then

    1. Captain Americolt

      Captain Americolt

      Atleast two of his TDs today the WR was WIDE open. No one even close. Still.. RG3 is a stud.

    2. TKnight24


      He's good. But I could care less about his Stats. I want Wins

    3. chad72


      Well, we have seen the shoe on the other foot with Peyton and Brady with Peyton having the stats and Brady having the wins. I would definitely mind our Luck turned around in that manner :). Luck can stink it up but if we have a team like Eli did and strike it rich, I dont care frankly :)

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