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  1. Let's be Honest here. The ONLY Reason the Saints got that Win last Sunday was because Mr. Commish (Roger Goodell) let up on his Punishment & allowed Payton & Co. to Attend the Game. How can you Reward someone who's supposed to be Punished?

    1. southwest1


      Letting HC Sean Payton retire to Mercedes Benz Stadium despite a year long suspension does seem counter productive and it does send a mixed message on Commissioner Goodell's part. I agree completely TK85.

    2. BrentMc11


      The whole forum knows my opinion on this.....I will however congratulate Drew Brees. Yo think I used to like the Saints....

    3. MIColtsFan


      I have been made my opinion well regarding the bounties on this forum as well. It just continues to increase my disappoint when I see Brees and others continue to deny this problem. I expected to see and hear more when it recently came out that a high school team had a bounty system going, see big boys the little boys are watching. Be a good example!

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