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  1. Lost Vontae Davis for the Season with a Broken Foot -__- . Feeling like Irsay, time for me to start writing Checks. I'm thinking of trading my 1st & 2nd Rd Pick for Patrick Peterson #Madden12

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    2. Nobody


      You just gave me a heart attack!

    3. southwest1


      Clearly, I need medical attention TK85. Your new avatar/profile picture just asked me "Eh, what's up doc?" In all seriousness, it's too bad about Vontae Davis's broken foot though. Even Bugs Bunny said, "so far VD is no lucky rabbit's foot for INDY at all." HA! HA! Just Kidding!!!

    4. TKnight24


      I apologize for giving you guys medical problems lol. But I got Patrick Peterson for a 1st & 2nd Pick & a future 1st. It's a lot, but judging how he already has 3 picks in 2 games, I'm not regretting it one bit :)

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