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  1. Watched the Redskins Game today to see about Mr. Griffin. I've realized that he's doing the SAME little Dump Passes he did at Baylor. Here I was believing the NFL Analysts saying he was just Slinging the Ball around O_o

    1. ColtsFTW


      The first 6 passes were at or behind the LoS. I think they said it was a modified Baylor offense. The Saints are a bad Defense. I'm not impressed just yet.

    2. TKnight24


      Yeah, instead of the Shotgun... he's coming out of the Pistol (Pretty much a Semi-Shotgun) so he's basically running a Baylor Offense. When he goes to Week 8 against the Steelers, we'll see how well he does. Cause that's the best defense they'll be facing to the mid-season. Then they get Baltimore Week 14

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