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  1. Watched the Redskins Game today to see about Mr. Griffin. I've realized that he's doing the SAME little Dump Passes he did at Baylor. Here I was believing the NFL Analysts saying he was just Slinging the Ball around O_o

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    2. FireJimCaldwell


      A good coach capitalizes on his players strengths... He threw 7 passes BLOS, Luck threw 4.) Throws of1-10yds( Luck threw 22, RG3 threw 8), 11-20yds ( Luck threw 16, RG3 threw 8), 21-30yds (Luck threw 2, RG3 threw 2), 31+ ( they each had 1 attempt).

      Maybe Shanahan just put RG3 in better situations.

    3. FireJimCaldwell


      I wanted an OC with ties to the WCO, partially due to Luck having a background in it from college. He would make a quicker adjustment to the NFL. So much for that...

    4. Susie Q

      Susie Q

      Good Point FJC

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