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  1. Man, I thought for sure I had that Andrew Luck Caption Contest locked up. Guess I need to work on my Creative Writing Skills, seems I've gotten Rusty :/ lol

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    2. FireJimCaldwell


      The first was as good as some of the ones listed. 4 & 3 weren't "unfunny". # 2 was, well i'm not sure what 2 was. I didn't even see the caption contest... Some of the ones listed weren't all that funny. The winner is only funny if you liked Office Space and caught the joke. That's why I said it depends on who judged it...

    3. TKnight24


      What's Office Space? And then I guess I missed the Joke, cause I was trying to Figure out what TPS was. Still am tryna figure it out

    4. BrentMc11


      I liked the caption contest, but everyone knows MINE was the funniest. HA HA! Just kidding...those are fun.

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