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  1. Man, I thought for sure I had that Andrew Luck Caption Contest locked up. Guess I need to work on my Creative Writing Skills, seems I've gotten Rusty :/ lol

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    2. Nadine


      Judging was done by votes. So there were quite a few young people who got that movie reference because it got the most votes. A lot of them were really funny. I liked Dans, I also liked mustang82 and IndySwagger. I liked a few more that didn't make the final cut. There were a lot of good ones!

    3. BrentMc11


      Should be more of those...they are fun. A lot of good ones...including the artist formerly known as Maureen :)

    4. Nadine


      That was fun. We have one other huge prize and we are pondering what to do here. hmmmmm. Not everything strikes a chord. this one sure did though. People are so talented. My entry would have been "Easiest homework EVER!" everyone would have beat me!

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