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  1. Trouble in South Beach.......... smh. Seems like the Davis trade has lit a Flame between the Dolphins' Players & Front Office

    1. southwest1


      Yeah TK85, it looks as though sunny Miami is not all sand, sunshine, and sips of strawberry dakaris & margaritas now is it? HA! HA!

    2. TKnight24


      Dakaris are Good lol. Of course I drink the Non-Alcoholic kind & it's in Slushee form lol

      But yeah, things have definitely changed in Miami

    3. southwest1


      At least, you know what to ask from Santa this year my friend...a non-alcoholic, strawberry Slushie, dakari machine right. If the guy in the red suit does bring this as a present for you, I promise to swing by on New Year's Eve TK85. Good times would undoubtedly had by all for sure pal!

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