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  1. I honestly believe in Welker didn't drop that Jump ball in the Super Bowl, the Patriots wouldn't be treating him as Bad as they are right now. Smh, it's just Wrong

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    2. BrentMc11


      I am with ya TK....what do we REMEMBER David Tyree for? The opposit of what happened to Wes.....truth hurts and it is a bad deal. A-Rod has never been considered a 'big game' player....I do not want to mention others we know and love.

    3. throwing BBZ

      throwing BBZ

      Zero to do with his $$$ value going forward IMO. $9M is generous for a slot receiver, especially when they have those two TE`s.

      If he is healthy after this season I could see them offering him 2 years at 5M or so per. His production should be going down.

    4. southwest1


      NE knows what a vital asset they have in Wes Welker & so do the Foxboro fans. If you are referring to the "Butterfingers" fiasco, that 1 pawnshop owner doesn't speak for the entire Massachusetts franchise or fanbase. GoPats set me straight & made me see the incident in it's proper perspective TK85. Wes knows how well respected he is overall.

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