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  1. Jags Owner is telling MJD that the "Train is Leaving the Station" Sure, and so will 90% of your Offense -__-

    1. southwest1


      The classic showdown between Moustache Man and Mighty Mouse MJD...Who will get to eat the big slice of cheese in the end? My money is on MJD myself. Good luck try to win any Jaguar games without your star RB let alone fill stadium seats sir. MJD will have the last laugh here IMO.

    2. TKnight24


      Exactly. But apparently due to Gabbert's last game against NO the other day, they believe him & Blackmon will lead the Jags -__-

    3. southwest1


      Every NFL QB needs a reliable running game to open up the flee flicker, bubble screens, & play action pass. The Jags ownership are crazy if they think the Cats can win a consecutive string of games without MJD & everyone else in the league knows this too.

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