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  1. So I see there's a feature telling you when's the last time you "Won the day". Is there anyway to click that and see what content won the day for you or do I have to manually go back to my posts and find it?

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    2. Nadine


      Your best option is to use the leaderboard page, find a post of yours that's gotten a lot of likes.  The date you last won the day shows of your profile page. If you click that it takes you back to the leaderboard http://forums.colts.com/profile/7623-tknight24/ 


      All of your reputation activity (Given and received) is just below the last won the day link.  Click the community reputation link and you can filter by forum, status update etc http://forums.colts.com/profile/7623-tknight24/

    3. TKnight24


      Thanks Nadine :)


    4. Nadine


      You are welcome.  If you won the day, it may be because you had likes spread across several of your posts or it could be just one really liked post

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