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  1. Super Bowl 51: Vikings vs Colts 


    Kapernick will be traded to the Vikings 


    Colts win Super Bowl 51

    1. 2006Coltsbestever


      I would love to see those 2 teams in it. Those are 2 teams I like as a fan, of course I love the Colts. I picked the Packers over the Steelers and Packers to win but after last week the Steelers showed they can really lay a huge fat egg. Packers and Vikings play again later in the season, cant wait for that one in GB.

    2. NFLfan


      I would like that! We get a preview in December. 


      Welcome back!

    3. NFLfan


      I read only the first sentence of your post. No, we are not trading for Kaep. Zimmer won't allow for that. The fan base would not be pleased.


      And of course, I would want the Vikes to win the Super Bowl but I am a Stanford Cardinal fan and would love to see Luck win a Super Bowl one day... but not against the Vikes. :)

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