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    <p>I am Gunner. Quarterback, wide reciever and cornerback.</p><p>
    I am 5'7 and very fast. Looking to be recruited please help.</p><p>
    I love football</p><p>
    I have my own playbook and audibles and calls.</p><p>
    I have a unbelieveable knowledge about playing football.</p>
  1. I believe the recievers we have today are not ready to be playmakers. Rebuilding stage for this team is in full effect and the only veteren pro bowler we have is reggie wayne. I know T.O. have media and team trouble but with the colts(who a team never has media trouble) I think T.O. could really step up our passing game and add to Luck's stats. He could lead us or help us to a superbowl. Defense is decent and hopefully the corners don't blow it this season. Offensively we could use him well as a deep threat and sideline catching reciever. Reggie Wayne on one side and T.O. on the other? I think
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    Me during pre game againest hanover hawks
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