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  1. Game two is now in the books for the horseshoes and the glowing accolades for Andrew Luck are still coming in. Bob Kravitz even wrote an article called: "Keep your power running game. "Give me Andrew Luck throwing the ball." While Luck looked good on national TV vs the Giants, the much ballyhooed running game didn't. A lot of Colts fans share Kravitz' opinion given the fact that Luck definitely satisfies the those who still suffer from the "Manning" hangover and since Luck reminds so many of us of Peyton with his play on the field. Well for those of you who are thinking the Colts will indeed f
  2. There have been several debates over the legacy of the Polian regime. Many have sited the past success with other teams along with the current success the Colts have had under the Polians as a barometer to determine how well (Or not well) they did their job. For me personally, I feel that Polian did his best work as a GM when he was with the Carolina Panthers. I say that because when I look at the teams he helped build, from Buffalo to Indy the most balanced team of all three was the Panthers. They were solid on both sides of the ball. Buffalo was an offensive juggernaut. Much like the Bills,
  3. If there's anything that can be said about the new regime running the Colts front office, it's that these guys will take a chance on players they see make plays over players who have all the hype usually associated with big names. Instead of going after high profile players who would demand big contracts, last year GM Ryan Grigson signed unheralded yet productive players like Jerrell Freeman, Corey Redding, and relied on a list of rookies who flat out produced on both sides of the ball. With the 2013 offseason under way, Grigs and company have continued that trend by beefing up the defensive s
  4. I picked the Colts to go to the SB this year. This is the most complete team we've had in very long time. The only team that comes to mind that rivals this one was the 95 squad that upset San Diego and the Chiefs.
  5. I remember when this city was a basketball town. Before the Colts moved here it was all about Reggie Miller and the Pacers. It was all about the Indiana Hoosiers of college basketball. Fast forward now to the Jim Harbaugh era and the birth of the nickname "cardiac kids" for a franchise that had been mediocre at best for the majority of the time it was in Indy. Although that 1995 team lacked the flash and dash of teams filled with "superstar players," it was a team built with strong defense, a punishing running game, and a veteran QB who could make all the clutch throws when needed. In other wo
  6. With most of the other 31 teams in the NFL keeping the course of the "copycat" with them all trying to mimic the aerial attacks of today's most prolific passing offenses, coach Pagano (and a small list of others) still believes in using the basic fundamentals of success used in the past: "Running the ball and stopping the run." Many would call it "old school," but if we look at the history of SB winners, that term would hardly fit the bill. With teams like the Patriots, Broncos, and Saints all being the current "flavor of the month" as far as fielding high octane offenses, it's the teams that
  7. There has been a lot of speculation on what the 2013 Luck led Colts offense will look like this year. With Bruce Arians in Arizona now fresh off his coach of the year campaign, blue nation has been wondering what his replacement will bring to the boys in blue on offense. New OC Pep Hamilton ran one of the most dynamic schemes as Stanford's head coach last year, as did the man he replaced there in Jim Harbaugh the year before he left Stanford. Under Bruce Arians, the Colts featured the long ball as the staple of the offense. so what will Hamilton bring to the mix? When asked if he would be runn
  8. Hi Brent and thank you for your kind words. I too, am sorry for your loss dear brother. I also hope that Thornton has a stellar career here in Indy.
  9. Thank you for the kind words Nadine. I really appreciate that and I'm glad you enjoyed the article.
  10. If you haven't read the story on Colts rookie O-lineman Hugh Thornton, you should make your way on over to Indystar.com and read the front page article on him and his journey to the NFL: http://www.indystar.com/article/20130509/SPORTS03/305090081/Colts-rookie-overcomes-murder-mother-sister-reach-NFL When the Colts initially made this pick, I really didn't get into researching his stats or anything right off the bat. I was looking at the corner back position and researching the free agent DB picks the team made instead. Then I read the article on Thornton's life which hit on the early tragic lo
  11. The "coach" didn't "play to lose." There is nothing wrong with the play calling guys. Did you even see the game? We lost to Jacksonville because one of our starting CBs got hurt and the guy they put in to replace him got burnt for a TD. That's not the coaches fault. Also they are limited in what they can do without Freeney, Angerer and Davis. When we get all of those guys back the defense will improve a lot. So will our offense when we get all of our starters back on the front line. Stop blaiming the coaches for having their hands tied playing without a full deck.
  12. LOL Yeah I remembered what you said about the guidelines for reposting and wanted to share this one with the community after posting it on the Colts live site first. I am interested in hearing some feedback from the fans on the subject. Thanks for the thumbs up Maureen!
  13. Posted by coltsindianapolis on June 22, 2012 – 8:00 am Colts.com regularly features blogs written by one of our fans. This post was submitted by divineprodigy The Colts running game hasn’t given any opposing defenses any nightmares since the haydays of Edgerrin James. Ever since his departure, the team has relied on 90% of the arm and brain power of Peyton Manning, and 10% of “running back by committee.” Enter 4th year RB Donald Brown. According to the critics, Brown has been deemed a “bust” due to the lack of his production since joining the team. These opinions are being made by people wh
  14. Yet teams do it every year. I think I comprehend just fine. You sound like the critics who pick a team thats everybody else's "flavor of the month" every year simply because they are the "flavor of the month." Ask the Packers fans how they feel about the Giants now...
  15. Although the dreaded "R" word has been banned from Colts Head quarters, that hasn't stopped commentators and NFL personalities from tagging the team as a "rebuilding project." That being said, it hasn't taken the front office long to show Colts faithful that there definitely is a new regime in town.Grigs and company haven't wasted any time in diving into the free agent pool to bring in some pieces that should pay immediate dividends come gameday. Nice pieces I might add. They've even shown the willingness to trade for players they want with other teams in pursuing CB Mike Jenkins from the Cowb
  16. As we aproach the 2012 NFL season, the trend towards being as explosive on offense as possible has been the focus of many teams as of late. For the younger generation, the beginning of this trend began with the Rams of the late 90s which featured HOF RB Marshall Faulk, QB Kurt Warner, WRs Isaac Bruce, Az-Zahir Hakim and Torry Holt. They were dubbed the nickname "The Greatest Show on Turf" and formed the nucleus of the only team in NFL history to score 500+ points in 3 consecutive seasons. Mike Martz was the "mastermind" behind the offense, but was not the original author of it. Martz was runni
  17. @andreaallennyc-- With all due respect Andre, did you watch the playoffs last year? All of the teams that were stacked on offense lost in the post season. The team that won it all had the one thing that all of the highpowered offensive teams were missing: A defense. You don't build a championship caliber team starting with the offense. You do it by starting with the defense. That's being "Smart and respectful of your rookie QB" by not putting the onus of winning games soley on his shoulders. Thats the reason the Ravens were able to make the post season in Flacco's rookie season. It's the reaso
  18. Thanks. I hear you guys on deferring to Grigs and company, but the thing I'm sticking with is the fact that we have been down this road before. I really don't want to see another 6 years go by until Andrew Luck wins his 1st playoff game and another 4 before he actually makes it to the SB. I'm not a fan of the copycat league that's taking place now where it seems everyone is trying to out score each other by loading up on the offensive side of the ball and trying to get by with defenses that bend but don't break.The teams that continue to put defense 1st are the ones that are going to continue
  19. Regardless of how much better Manning was with two lights out WRs, it still took him 6 years to win a playoff game. His younger brother accomplished winning two SB rings in half the time it took him (Peyton) to win one...And he did it without "two lights out WRs..." the Giants didn't have anything special at the WR position in either of their SB victories. What they did have is a defense that could constantly pressure the QB as well as stop the run. By repeating what the Colts did to start off the Manning era, the only thing they are gonna get out of it are the same results. "Offense wins game
  20. With the 2012 NFL draft now behind us, there's no question the top priority for the Colts was surrounding their new signal caller with talent to help him develop at the next level. This goes along with the current trend taking place in the NFL with teams loading up on offense while neglecting the defense. The only teams that have kinda been the exceptions to the rule are the NY Giants, and the Pittsburgh Steelers of late. Of the last four SB winning teams (Giants, Packers, Steelers, and Colts), all fielded teams that were stronger on offense than on defense with the exception of the Steelers.
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