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  1. I wish I could agree but he underachieved for the Browns. His vision on cutting to daylight is weak and he cant remember all the plays. We need him now more than ever because DHB

    is inconsistent. Check Richardson's yards per carry at year end and judge for yourself. The Colts gave up way to much for Richardson. I'll be happy if I'm wrong but it's about time Richardson startS playing like a number 3 pick. He's had ample games to prove himself

    in the NFL.

    Again, Richardson played for the Browns. Need I say anything more regarding their "production" as an offense? Like here, he faced 8 man fronts all game long because the Browns have nothing at the QB position to warrant any defense to change that approach. When T-Rich was there, he was the only player on offense opposing teams had to stop. Like I said earlier, Richardson will be fine once the coaching staff starts using him in sets and on downs where the defense can't tell whether a run or a pass is coming. You saw glimpses of that on Sunday night when the Colts got the ball to him in space.

  2. "8th is not close to elite..1st is elite..as I know you know

    stats after 5 games are meaningless anyway.."


    FYI Any defense ranked within the top ten is "elite." You don't have to have the number one defense in the league to be considered elite. You sure as hell don't have to have the number one defense to win a SB either. There have been seasons where Baltimore was ranked 1st and Pittsburgh ranked second but I'll bet you their opponents didn't know the difference between the two....


  3. Richardson isn't the problem. The way the Colts use him is however. They don't disguise how or when they are going to run the ball when he's in the game. If the Colts used T-Rich in spread formations and read options he would be much more effective. Putting him in the game and running him out of traditional sets with a FB leave nothing to the imagination for opposing defenses, which is why they continue to stack 8-9 in the box whenever Trent's in the backfield.

  4. We're not going anywhere near the elite teams without better special teams play and we have no sign of that happening yet.

    We are already in the conversation of the elite. When you have an elite QB (Luck) and he has a top 10 defense you can't help but put them in that conversation. The Colts special teams are not as bad as they were last year, and judging by last week's game they are vastly improved.

  5. Exactly why when Irsay cleaned house. And Manning went out to get a better team while he plays his remaining years.Thus the new Era busted out last year and most so called experts are not expecting as good of season this year as last year.The chances of Luck's success being so much better.

    I picked the Colts to go to the SB this year. This is the most complete team we've had in very long time. The only team that comes to mind that rivals this one was the 95 squad that upset San Diego and the Chiefs.

  6.  "In an earlier forum there was a debate on Luck throwing for some ungodly amount of yards and TDs. I will stand firm in my opinion of total ball control. Yes I would like to see Luck do very well but that is measured in wins, not huge QB numbers."


    Thanks for the kind feedback crazycolt1. I couldn't agree with you more about the numbers. I definitely want to see more balance with this team and it looks like that's what we are going to get. :)

  7. The "coach" didn't "play to lose." There is nothing wrong with the play calling guys. Did you even see the game? We lost to Jacksonville because one of our starting CBs got hurt and the guy they put in to replace him got burnt for a TD. That's not the coaches fault. Also they are limited in what they can do without Freeney, Angerer and Davis. When we get all of those guys back the defense will improve a lot. So will our offense when we get all of our starters back on the front line. Stop blaiming the coaches for having their hands tied playing without a full deck.

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  8. @andreaallennyc-- With all due respect Andre, did you watch the playoffs last year? All of the teams that were stacked on offense lost in the post season. The team that won it all had the one thing that all of the highpowered offensive teams were missing: A defense. You don't build a championship caliber team starting with the offense. You do it by starting with the defense. That's being "Smart and respectful of your rookie QB" by not putting the onus of winning games soley on his shoulders. Thats the reason the Ravens were able to make the post season in Flacco's rookie season. It's the reason Dilfer, one of the worst QBs ever won a SB. They both had a top notch defense behind them. What I'm saying isn't anything new. We have seen the fruits of this phylosophy many times over.

    While a lot of other teams are doing the same thing with loading up on the offensive side of the ball, in the end, it will be the teams with the better defenses who will prevail. The Buffalo Bills will be a prime example of this reality. They did exactly what the Colts should have done by addressing the most critical portion of their defense: The D-line. They didn't try to match the Patriots by going out and signing WRs/TEs to attempt to win a shootout with the AFC champs. They went out and got players who they feel will help them shut down the offense of their division rivals. Thats smart front office decision making. The Colts don't stand a chance in winning shootouts with anybody right now and honestly that shouldn't be the approach anyway. As I said before, we've been down that road already. The Colts could have gone all defense this year and fixed the offense next year. If Luck is the "All world QB" he has been drummed up to be, he should be able to manage with what he has already. Reggie Wayne and Donnie Avery are better than anything he had a Stanford anyway.

  9. Thanks. I hear you guys on deferring to Grigs and company, but the thing I'm sticking with is the fact that we have been down this road before. I really don't want to see another 6 years go by until Andrew Luck wins his 1st playoff game and another 4 before he actually makes it to the SB. I'm not a fan of the copycat league that's taking place now where it seems everyone is trying to out score each other by loading up on the offensive side of the ball and trying to get by with defenses that bend but don't break.The teams that continue to put defense 1st are the ones that are going to continue to be there in the end for the biggest games of the post season. the Colts had the chance to do something that has never been done with having a franchise QB before since the days of Joe Montana. The closest thing we have seen to this reality is the Steelers with Big Ben. Luck I feel will be a better QB than Ben.

  10. Regardless of how much better Manning was with two lights out WRs, it still took him 6 years to win a playoff game. His younger brother accomplished winning two SB rings in half the time it took him (Peyton) to win one...And he did it without "two lights out WRs..." the Giants didn't have anything special at the WR position in either of their SB victories. What they did have is a defense that could constantly pressure the QB as well as stop the run. By repeating what the Colts did to start off the Manning era, the only thing they are gonna get out of it are the same results. "Offense wins games, but defense wins championships."

  11. I agree in spirit. However...

    Ehhh, I default to Grigson and Pagano on this one. If F/A and their board said this is the route we go. Then I am with them. I'm a defense guy...but reality dominates decisions more than wants and dreams. Apparently, we went the route that was presented to us. That's fine. And coupled with next years salary cap and the space we'll have, perhaps Grigs' long term vision is to make some moves there. ;)

    Yeah...Manning's example screams that. But it isn't an either or proposition. How much better was Manning when he had two lights out all pro receivers and an all pro running back? Balance seems to be the key. That and patience.

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