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  1. I would eat my shoe if there wasn't at least one more signing. With the release of Satele we broadcasted we're looking for a Center. This coupled with grigson's previous comments about rather starting a rookie DB over a rookie O-lineman leads me to believe that we're definitely still hunting for a veteran Center.
  2. Adam Caplan ‏@caplannfl 1h #Colts were going to have C Joe Hawley in for a visit had he not re-signed with the #Falcons.
  3. Pro Football Spot ‏@pfspot 1h Per a source, the Indianapolis #Colts have contacted the agent for wide receiver James Jones. Haven't confirmed, but seems possible. #NFL
  4. I read that the Jets have switch their focus now to Darelle Revis... what if Davis' market evaporates and he comes back. That would be rather amusing, but I'm sure the organization wouldn't hold it against him too much.
  5. Jeff Darlington ‏@JeffDarlington 1m Love this response from D’Qwell Jackson (@DQ52) during text exchange just now. Why the Colts? “Chuck Pagano. Great coach… Better person."
  6. He was released by the Browns... not technically a FA.. I think?
  7. Bobby Jefferson II ‏@CampJefferson 3m Relax it's a great deal. Look at the Guaranteed number $11mil. So $5.5m owed in 2014 and 2015 and that's it..it's basically a 2yr Deal ppl!
  8. I met and talked to Grigs at the SF game. A very big and impressive man, however I think he prefers his suits too much to throw the pads on again Lol
  9. "I told him, 'Would you please protect yourself? Because I didn't get any reps this week. And I don't want to look bad out there.'" - Hasselbeck. Hahaha sounds like the locker room has a ton of cut-ups.
  10. I was at the game yesterday as well. It was night and day from the game I went to 3 years ago in Houston. Everyone was very excited to root on their team. There was a bit of razzing, but I have it right back and they took it well. The people when I went to Houston were mean and ugly and tried to fight me as 16 year old kid. Thanks SF for a great game! Sorry it didn't work out they way y'all planned.
  11. No problem! There is so much to like around here these past 24 hours! Im still speechless. I was happy enough that I actually paused GTA5 to watch NFL Network when it was announced. And to be perfectly honest, I think this game will be a battle, 49ers are nicked up but they have great depth. The colts should be riding this good news. Thats what happened when we beat Green Bay... it was all emotion
  12. It just hit me, that I will be attending the game that Trent Richardson debuts as a COLT. My flight leaves tomorrow! this is better then I expected!
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