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  1. It was more or less a joke topic because some people did credit the Ravens run that year to "wanting to win it for Ray". I didn't expect it to get so serious.
  2. I dunno. I'm sure that's pennies compared to what he's used to. He'd probably want some time off anyway. Also the best players don't always make the best coaches.
  3. Not that I wanna see Reggie retire but it seemed to light a fire under the Ravens * when he did it. =p
  4. I thought I saw someone open on the left during a replay of that first throw. =(
  5. We probably didn't plan on Ben having the 2nd best half of his career either...
  6. Only game until Sunday. This collapse will be all over espn for days if it happens.
  7. Let's just gift wrap the game for them. Maybe we can start another rookie center next week just for fun.
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