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  1. I stand loyal with the Coats cheerleaders, they get better and better every year
  2. they aren't in as good shape as me, but that is going to be one butt kicking group on the offense this year, can't wait!
  3. i don't care if we get blacked out, we need to focus on the field as a team money is a Irsay issues, the players are my goal.
  4. Classic game? Manning couldn't do anything all day.......and even when he got going way too late he couldn't see Marvin wide open and Edge wide open and forced the ball to Wayne. No wonder Mike missed the kick. That was one of the worst misses in the history of football. I don't mean the stakes either, I mean the direction of the ball. He kicked it sideways.
  5. everything that exist in Call of Duty, is included in the game of football this is an excuse for being lazy
  6. I had my best days pulling up for a round of prayer at the old barn, you're one of the old guard. the future is bright under that Full Moon, he knows his stuff, and I must say he is dead on here. A piece to the puzzle at Walmart prices, lets get this thing movin! GRWP!
  7. that explains why Painter never did it...........
  8. The title says it all. I am getting that burn back. I had it when I bought that first pack of football cards and seen that guy talking on the telephone back in 75. Dawning the whites, and going over those polaroids with the brass in the pressbox. The dude could heave the pill. I had during the strike year and big time crossed the picket line and we made that playoffrun I had it when E.D. was running like the wind and making we got that game against the stains, only to lose to those dorks. I had it when Third base Jimmy took us on the journey of a lifetime only to have the refs >>> us
  9. i love you Peyton, now throw me the ball 20 times a game so I can get the big contract bottom line
  10. the taxpayers will pay for it all, what a shame.........
  11. He hasn't met me yet, so all that distant 2nd stuff we will have to see. After he realizes how right I am about everything I think a smart guy from Statford will get the picture......
  12. Remmeber a lot of what he learned about contracts was from watching Manning and the way he handled it
  13. I love kokomo's, great place, and teamed up with the Coats, cant lose!
  14. i don't know but if you are, I bet it is Manning's fault
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