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  1. Your right i am a pm fan ive been disgusted with the horrible team my fav has had to play on for 13 years # off Colts the sun is finally shinning
  2. Right on brother what if Luck goes down how big of a clown will irsay look.What a great job grigson has done so far hats off 2 himNOT!!!
  3. Count On Lossing This Sunday Under irsay they fail
  4. also bandwagon seriously what have the colts done ha manage to win 1 superbowl under manning colts r a fing joke Good Riddance ill take it
  5. I've kept my mouth closed for long enough.I'm so hurt by the decision that will unfold today.Ive been a colts fan since i was 15 1998 all because of 1 man.When i was 13 my grandpa told me to watch this kid in orange wearing 16 for UT so i did.Ive been a die hard colts fan since 98 every thing in my house is blue my kids r named hayden and peyton we love the colts.But as it stands unless manning retires today i'm following manning wherever he goes.IMO some of u ppl should be ashamed the way u've handled this manning deal.Bayone your the man and i love reading what u post same with u Andy also
  6. Andrew Luck Wow this kid is awesome Luck>Rogers
  7. Id laugh there used to playing with success and kicking every buddys mod edit they know caldwell is a joke
  8. I personally hope for mannings sake that he doesnt have to come back to this train wreck team all of u can bash me all u want but this team is on a downward spin and they wont come out for some time with mnning this team is at best an 8-8 team.For manings sake and legacy i hope he gets dropped by the colts and picked up by the ravens lol or 49ers someone with a run game/defense
  9. I hope collins comes in and gets his head ripped of and done for the year painter needs all the reps he can get cuz face it if manning is able to play again and i mean IF the colts will keep painter just like the did with sorgi
  10. Sorry andy but your way off This team is horrible GUARANTEE 0-16
  11. no cuz come feb colts will let manning go and start re building i hope manning goes to a team that has a running game/defense cuz he can turn a player like taj smith into a super star
  12. I'm with u the front office is going to allow coyer and caldwell to stay.Im fing sick of this s***!!! every year dissapointing loss after another when it matters.I'm a peyton manning fan 1 colts fan second!!! i stopped watching at 21-0 cuz i knew it was going to be a blow out.Some ppl need to be fired NOW.get cowher in here but i doubt he will come look how fu**** up our team is we need changes today not tomoro
  13. I agree get brown out of town.Bring in carter for goal line.He needs to work on his pss blocking skills
  14. He didnt even care.Act like a pro.Colts better kick his ***
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