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  1. Your right i am a pm fan ive been disgusted with the horrible team my fav has had to play on for 13 years # off Colts the sun is finally shinning
  2. Right on brother what if Luck goes down how big of a clown will irsay look.What a great job grigson has done so far hats off 2 himNOT!!!
  3. Count On Lossing This Sunday Under irsay they fail
  4. also bandwagon seriously what have the colts done ha manage to win 1 superbowl under manning colts r a fing joke Good Riddance ill take it
  5. I've kept my mouth closed for long enough.I'm so hurt by the decision that will unfold today.Ive been a colts fan since i was 15 1998 all because of 1 man.When i was 13 my grandpa told me to watch this kid in orange wearing 16 for UT so i did.Ive been a die hard colts fan since 98 every thing in my house is blue my kids r named hayden and peyton we love the colts.But as it stands unless manning retires today i'm following manning wherever he goes.IMO some of u ppl should be ashamed the way u've handled this manning deal.Bayone your the man and i love reading what u post same with u Andy also
  6. Andrew Luck Wow this kid is awesome Luck>Rogers
  7. Id laugh there used to playing with success and kicking every buddys mod edit they know caldwell is a joke
  8. I personally hope for mannings sake that he doesnt have to come back to this train wreck team all of u can bash me all u want but this team is on a downward spin and they wont come out for some time with mnning this team is at best an 8-8 team.For manings sake and legacy i hope he gets dropped by the colts and picked up by the ravens lol or 49ers someone with a run game/defense
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