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  1. Enjoy going on about stats. It is about the eye test. Eason was making quick choices, firing the ball all over, very well, and very accurately. THAT is what the coaches must be excited about. And about the numerous receivers making NFL type catches.
  2. The line for those that said can Reich fix Wentz is Sooo Loooooooong! I have no doubt he can. But it is a fair concern at this stage and can Wentz fix his considerable strip sack issue, and stay healthy. If not, he would be vulnerable compared to someone that is very similar for 1/10th the $$$.
  3. Someone posted "Dude has such a nice ball". I didn't disagree. It's tight! Peyton Manning threw fluttering ducks and averaged 20 Int. a year over his 1st 5 years. Manning took every snap those 5 years... And some folks here have Eason as a pigeon holed, not sure if he will ever make a good backup because he can't think fast, lacks touch, and has no pocket awareness. And I watched Manning have 7 one and done Playoff appearances mostly because he Had to pass us to victory (he LOVED MVP's) and under playoff pressure he turned the ball over a lot. Like 3 touchdowns 7 Int's in the playoffs and SB he won here. I enjoyed watching the earlier video from Practice yesterday with Eason holding the ball in front of him with two hands and the coach yelling (i'm sure in the time he needs to learn to do it) step up step up step up. That kind of coaching might work! He has a lot of time to get that impregnated into his mental clock, along with a many dozens of other thoughts. No, i think the guy is sharp enough to get better as quick as most guys that get good at highly effectively slingin' it. Carson may end up One & Done!
  4. As we watched our Goat flutter 100 Int's over his 1st 5 seasons.
  5. He looks like he has quickness and good hand fighting to get off the line in press coverage. And i was impressed with his ability to fight off the DB and with great agility cross over to an inside move. Holy Cow! His long speed looks good so i can hear Reggie once again saying he wished he had that size/length. Definitely very promising.
  6. You will see nothing but doubters in the posts that follow. As if they are very familiar with all these defenses that are going to be better. We can believe the first 5 games will be tough. My opinion is that we are going to control the clock to an advantage, and be playing with a lead often this season. Defense stats, and the pass rush look better in that scenario. This is an ascending defense overall, so being top 5 in scoring D is a reasonable probability.
  7. The first reads i want my QB (Manning) to make is a pre-snap one. Reading the D, knowing where the mis-match is. Like the one he said he spotted with TY. "I wasn't gonna pass that up". Eason looked kinda good at picking out quality targets, i didn't at all feel like he was holding onto the ball like a Luck did his first 3 years. As for not stepping up in the pocket that One Time, i suspect his internal clock will get better pretty quickly with a little more film study, coaching up, and game experience. And to repeat Mo-Allie, the ball comes out high so you can start tracking it right off. I suppose he is saying that a receiver has that fraction extra time to adjust their bodies to be able to snag that baby. Maybe that was part of the reason we had such great catches by so many.
  8. I'm enjoying YOU enjoying it! Highly recommend all intellectual Colts fans to watch Eason's post game presser. He is no say nuthin, droll, LUCK. I like this guy. So far!
  9. It's been beat to death that a number of YOUR LT prospects probably won't play LT in the NFL. Then you have the draft board thingy. You are not scratching 'your head here'.
  10. It's at times an amusing read how WE have a Clue about a players rehab progress and overall health and feel comfortable pontificating our knowledge on it. Like i'm 80% that Flus is on the sidelines next Saturday. Not that i know what day his lockdown started, i just wanted to get MY number posted so i can give myself a big attaboy, and yes maybe look wise to MY homies, when I NAIL IT! Come on Flus!!!
  11. I'll take a stab by saying Brees was universally dropped from 1st to 2nd rd because of size. And Wilson 2 rounds. Watching Wilson run around like a chicken with his head cut off wasn't about him doing it for fun. Nor Doug Flutie. Every evaluator is looking for 6'4 +.
  12. I got a good look at him and i was mighty impressed. He looked like a guy you give up 3 #1's for. And i don't recall ever thinking that about ANYONE.
  13. Strachan plucked that 31 yarder out of the air looking like Julio Jones. I ain't afraid to say it!
  14. Irsay spent at a top 10 level to win is the point i was making. And of course he kept the players we had developed. It is THE way to Win! FA is long proven to be a losing proposition. Few players match their prior year production with the new team, and average remaining with the new team about 2 years. Those fat FA 2nd contracts tend to not bring out the Hungry player level of play that it took to earn the Big new Guaranteed $$$. Funny how that works.
  15. Sorry, someone mentioned Matt, and was dissing him also as i took it, a guy from the previous regime. No problem.
  16. That regime was Grigson and Chuck.
  17. Imagine how much is going on inside his head trying to read the D and process the pass routes. Throw in some nerves and boogity, boogity, boogity. Never forget the Great Manning came in, had a long off season, pre-season, Marvin, and i'm sure took every snap, and flavored us with 28 Int's his rookie year. I'd bet my Q autographed hat neither of our rookies would approach that #. There is a lot of work to be done but i suspect Frank and his offensive staff are realing enjoying the "process" of coaching up both these young men. We are still 28 days from the opener as i count it. A lot of time to get 1% better... We have to cut 5 by Tuesday 5 more next week and then to 53 after the last game. Practice squad is 16 players with up to 6 of them with more than 2 years of experience.
  18. Someone put the Wentz/Gruden piece on here and Gruden got all over Wentz for not keeping the ball up with two hands on it, all about ball protection. I recall he asked Wentz to promise to fix "his problem" with this. Wentz did not/has not done that yet i believe. He fumbles/get stripped a lot. No doubt Frank rode his * from day one. I have zero doubt Eason has been coached on this since high school. And gets it every day here. As noted by many here he is definitely going to get stripped a lot if he doesn't Fix several of pocket problems. Practice practice practice. I know we need a guy that can deliver the ball 30+ yards with ALL the downfield weapons we are loaded with. Chunk yardage is coming!!! What a bunch of great catches we got to see sunday. Yippeee!
  19. It was really nice to see them in the professional game looking quite functional. Eason can throw the d*** ball very well, but will have to develop his pocket awareness, better touch at times, etc. It's great that he is getting all this work. Just try to imagine his mental work load, and then trying to figure out the physical side too. Do you expect things should be slowing down a great deal yet? Heck no! Maybe after next years camp. We have us a baby Brees in Sam. He looked comfortable out there doing the things he knows he can do. He can be better than Jacoby soon, very soon.
  20. I liked watching Sam today. He reminded me of Peyton............. Ramsey!
  21. Thrown with that Touch the Eason haters clamour for. But is he blind?
  22. I don't know, i'm thinking Rivers had great leeway most everyplay to switch to a pass play with a deep look, or look for the long ball any time he wished. We will see our QB'S getting a lot more sacks this season because our o-line, including Smith, are not that great as pass blockers. Rivers did a superb job covering that up, that was a reason for fewer deep balls.
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