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  1. Thrown with that Touch the Eason haters clamour for. But is he blind?
  2. I don't know, i'm thinking Rivers had great leeway most everyplay to switch to a pass play with a deep look, or look for the long ball any time he wished. We will see our QB'S getting a lot more sacks this season because our o-line, including Smith, are not that great as pass blockers. Rivers did a superb job covering that up, that was a reason for fewer deep balls.
  3. If you could just get past the false insufficient arm claim, those posts should get under your skin less. Now i do agree it could use a little rest.
  4. The deep shots are coming folks! Legitimally having the speed to stretch the field to create space underneath is a must. Dulin has the speed, i wonder if Patmon does? We Are going to be able to create a bounty of mismatches with all of our speed and Size. it is gonna be awesome!!!
  5. Good grief! Irsay was just being loyal to Grigson & Chuck because (HE) had mentored them, chose them, and Irsay contributed to some bad decisions. And Chuck had Chuck Strong going on, so Irsay gave them another year for public relations. They even then let Chuck pick some defensive backs because that was his specialty. And he went with that Green kid who stank. Yes, Irsay is loyal to a fault, he is no Belichek that is for sure. You take the good with the bad and Loyalty is a wonderful trait in life. Forbes 2020 value for the Colts Franchise was $3.25 Billion. In the past it was said the Irsay Empire IS not diversified. It is the Colts. As far as richest owners, he is the sole owner. I believe many of the listed NFL owners are not sole owners, as they put together groups that own pieces. I have made comments here that Irsay may not want to Blow cash for these 1 year free Agents, so as to have it for the Big contracts with guaranteed monies that were coming. Some guaranteed mony is required to be escrowed by the NFL. Not sure where Irsay and the Colts will be on that after Q, and other valuable supporting cast members are signed over the next year or two. But it Could require Many tens of millions into escrow.
  6. During the Polian years we were top 10 in salaries.
  7. Great gear! I have a signed Q hat and used to have a jersey with "feed'em to Bob" on it. Enjoy your day.
  8. Troy Aikman made it to the Hall of Fame because he could Rifle the 25 yard out. Well, Larry Allen, the rest of that excellent O-Line, Emmitt, and Irvin helped carry him in somewhat! The day this kid can move the ball from the 25 to their 25, the timing and touch factor is paramount. He is interesting already so that is a fun thing to coach and be a fan of. What would Sean Payton do with him?
  9. Nothing changes. Drafting this QB is dependant on how you grade them and what the cost is. You people, to keep beating on this question must believe Ballard and his staff don't waste their time evaluating the QB position. Plum *'in goofy! They knew Wentz was available, wanted to come here, pre-draft. And smiling about it like the chesire cat. Then it was all about paying as little as possible. When both sides were just a little unhappy, he became a Colt!
  10. The people that want Ballard to "make a big bet" are talking about holding him accountable for NOT making big bets. And Ballard says Big Bet Mistakes get YOU FIRED! Ballards Team grades the prospects, He ways the cost of moving up, which i believe he finds out if he is interested then he goes forward. The End!. Because of experience, his roster is likely to still be a year away. He is making Irsay's, Franks, and his solid bet building a ROCK of a Foundation. You are always rolling the dice because young men. He is looking B+ right now knowing what Reich & He believes after adapting post Rivers.
  11. Stitches you are a great poster. I find it bizarre though that you are beating a dead horse on a hypothetical trade. So i guess we will hold Irsay accountable for the Wentz trade if it doesn't meet a bunch of fanboy GM's measure.
  12. Most people had concerns about what Herbert would be. Nice, useless hindsight though. Enjoy OUR Team or not! JC you Waste so much energy as an arm-chair GM. And what you call Wrong really isn't. Players FAIL to meet expectations by the basketfull. You do your best evaluation, take a shot, and watch some guys have all the will, heart, character to fight their way to the top. And others, for whatever reason, including MANY top 15 pics, never get it done. Ballard operates with a Plan for every player to get better, pre-draft. The plan is given to them, they are studied, tracked on film, and continually coached up. If They fail that isn't a Fail on Ballard and his coaches. You just can't truly know everything in the mind of a human, exactly or what their outside influences will be. I trust that our organizations does as good a job as any to give these very young men every oportunity to become good players in our system. It is a multi-year road to becoming a big contributor for Most. I Laugh at those that say Ballard has failed at DE and WR. Because Here It Comes folks!!!
  13. What should be said is that Both men have proven that they are Great leaders and very good at their jobs. As long as Ballard doesn't turn over most of his job to his Son, he will be here as long as he wants. And Reich should be able to keep his lockerroom interested just as long as some of the great coaches do/did. He has the character, and the FB knowledge to keep up with the Jonses. Words are wasted on what if with these two men. Really 3 with Irsay. Their combined abilities and Leadership are superb for the mission.
  14. I'm a huge fan of Zac Pacall, Hines was a huge asset as the season went on last season. My gosh Jonathon Taylor looks like Emmitt Smith with considerably more speed. Okereke is going to come on strong IMO, and Pittman made big, great looking plays considering Rivers limitations. Grover is ready for his best year yet, along with Lewis, Banogu, Speed, and Turay. Kwity is going to be a baller!! Granson and Strachan fan clubs will start by the end of 5 games. We could start 1-4 then go 9-3. But there is going to be some good hard nosed games to watch.
  15. Gee, i see players drop passes all the time if you watch enough. No news here.
  16. Gee, most understood we were in trouble right out of the gate WITH WENTZ! You know, with the toughest first 5 games in the league thingy! And all the young players needing to step it up. That kinda stuff. LMAO YOU think Eason is not consistent enough so he is toast. YOU, who have ZERO, Nothing to base it on. You have No Idea what a year behind/with Rivers and a professonal coaching staff, a year of hard work mentally in the playbook, a year talking with Frank has done for his game. We had a soft schedule to start last season and Rivers could have been better. He got better. Why would Anyone with a Clue think Wentz, or certainly Eason would play as good or better than Rivers did the first 5 games of the season. Of course it is going to be tuff. And i like it that some that know described Eason as accurate, and that he throws hard, but also shows some touch. And that his ball comes out high so they can really track it well. That is good stuff!
  17. Carl who? BP, the only reason to relive your glorious past ideas, IMO, is so that you Can say i told you so. Sorry you don't think Kwity, Turay, Banogu, and Obedeyingo can't live up to Lewis. We have people hired that place our bets on the WHOLE roster, not just nit picking what could be's, what might have beens. You assume Lawson would have chosen US. You assume there was a trade partner to move up. lol That is garbage. The population was pretty satisfied with their idea to bridge with Rivers. He was certainly better than i expected once he got going. And Frank is even happier to have his younger, stronger armed Wentz, knowing what HE knows, i believe. Oh but i hope everything Always goes our way too! Except it's FOOTBALL! A game of attrition on the human body. Dang it.
  18. You should watch him. He holds onto the ball a long time and runs around a lot.
  19. Brees was amazing. But i believe by reading the D he usually knew where he was going with it. And it was funny watching him rise up on his toes so often to make those quick slant throws. Russell Wilson is brilliant but he has had to do a lot of running to make it work. I'm excited for Sam and hope he gets so good over the next few years we have us a solid, playmaking jewell of a backup.
  20. I just don't know how much 4-2 David plays, but these other guys played very little of it. That said, Darius has stats most like Brooks so just keep it coming because that is the kind of play that helps Lead a team to the Mountaintop. I know i want on our side of the ball a brilliant, the crazed dog type like Lawrence Taylor, Ray Lewis making big plays and holding teammates up to the standard. Yippee!
  21. It's Great that he is executing his plays really well. He absolutely can help us mix it up with his athleticism, in short yardage, including red zone situations. Make the defenses have to practice for it. Go Sam go!!
  22. Sounds like he is learning the "Freeney" way to the QB. Spin moves would be fun to watch again. Getting a feeling we are going to be laughing our *ss** off at what does to some tackles with his power moves. And 15 sacks! Haha! Who knows, but it would be a hoot if guards were needing to have to be helping the tackle against his inside moves. That opens up the inside rush, which is devastating for a QB. Grover mania folks.
  23. Going through reads a little faster does not a NFL Starter make. Eason has the arm to attack the sidelines in a way that EHL Can't. There are more things to his advantage but let Frank deal with it.
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