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  1. I really like those 3 as our backups. Tuff and aggressive!!
  2. You see him as a tackle. Perhaps CB and his staff see him as a guard.
  3. Well, he is huge. Maybe his thing is as a short yardage run blocker. I have to believe that Sirianni, Wentz, and our line coach say there is something there. We had the whole league to scout and they chose him. lol.
  4. Seems to have Everything I want in a DE. Power & Speed & Mind!
  5. Desir & Geathers have been made available. Anyone? Anyone?
  6. Sounds like you were absolutely certain he would be on the 53. They have 27 roster moves to make with exit visits. So which day it happens on is meh. Perhaps i would be somewhat surprised if CB didn't tell him that we would be very interested in him on the PS.
  7. I was hoping they thought we had someone better.
  8. We will have guys on the practice squad that we would want before him so...
  9. I would think we are scouring for a LB'er to trade for. Rather trade a bubble player than a pick of course. And a good (disgruntled) CB will likely get dangled to us... Cut down time is exciting this year as we have a few really good prospects that need to remain in our fold.
  10. Or, getting into a much better coaching situation was the exact right thing to do. I would go with this. And he hit the Jackpot!
  11. The optomist in me says he can be Joe Flacco. And not necessarily as his ceiling. He can get the ball downfield into windows before DB's can get there. And given time, he sees his opportunities and has no fear of firing it. I'm really glad Frank has him.
  12. I wish TY the best and hope he has no long term issues. Our young receivers excite me and developing them is the priority. We don't have anyone with the get off the line foot quickness of Tyler Vaughns. If i was desperate for 3-4 yards on 3rd or 4th down, a QB would be wise to check his matchup 1st.
  13. I see our pass D as better because of experience and improved pass rush. We will be better at LB with Oke getting many more snaps. The 3rd LB and depth does concern me, quite a bit. Kelly's elbow and Q's foot should be ok so that ends my o-line injury concern. We can't escape injuries during the season. It's the luck of the draw. Hopefully we are fortunate that way, and we seem to be about as deep as anyone. Frank mixes conservative with aggression. One thing he sticks to is running the da*n ball. Even when it isn't so successful by numbers. But he knows it wears a D down, helps keep the pass rush honest, and controls the clock. Now he has a Great back, with a better #2 than Hines, though Hines has improved as a runner. He has a yes young but very athletic with big size receiving corp, His QB, with some movement skills, that has the tools to throw the ball well anywhere in the field of play. It will be an exciting year for Frank to grow as an offensive play caller. The PLAYERS just have to execute.
  14. "And that's the way it is" August 28, 2021 I'm a faithful follower of, and believer in, "The Colts Way".
  15. Not for an extended period of time. But maybe until an injury that opens or forces a move.
  16. WE know Wilkins can be rather effective doing what he does best, including as a special teamer. But as a runner he is kind of predictable as a str8 ahead runner. Yet his YPC is very good, but is that because he usually breaks one for a good gain so it raises his avg. And yes he can catch a pass for a very nice gain. The big question for the staff is, do they like Jackson as a 4th back contributor for this season, and believe his ceiling could be next years #2, even spot #1. I for sure don't think they consider Wilkins to be that guy next year. And of course Mack could end up anywhere. Sirianni would have to like landing some of our culture in his lockerroom.
  17. To me, Rookie Davis often looked lost out there, and took really bad angles with his tackling. More like a chicken with his head cutoff. But i did fall asleep when we were down 17-9. Imagine my pleasant surprise when i woke up about the time the players were shaking hands.
  18. The thing is when you bookend a mediocre guard/center with good talent they wont look so bad. It looks like Davenport will be reasonably decent and will make nice depth when Fisher returns. So we are likely better off than but a few teams, if not in the best situation.
  19. We are in top shape on offense. Rhodes and Moore better stay healthy because CB beyond them will be porous. The same at LB. Leonard and Oke, pray for good health.
  20. It's a safe bet CB and his staff have spied on Ertz if they have interest. Many of us like Gransons future prospects. But if CB thinks our potential THIS season is go to the top a move for Ertz has to be considered.
  21. He should be on the field in the last half of Octoberish.
  22. I'm still Dreaming Big, maybe he will only be more like Charles Haley rather than Bruce Smith. But if CB went into the draft thinking he would be getting a Justin Tuck type, he would have been happy for sure.
  23. That certainly was a very good line, and Kraus was a one man tackling gang. He was tough and hit them hard.
  24. Gee, by looking at our roster. Maybe Rochelle stays. If so, there will be interest out there i believe.
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