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  1. Ya, an Interception like maybe in the SUPER BOWL!! That would sure hurt! He wont be THAT BAD.
  2. Josh can take his time. High hopes for him. Might be best for his knee if he skips this season All we NEED is to weed out those that don`t fit. Get everyone adapted to the system/learn the playbook. If you LUV the Colts and want to rebuild you will root for Good Health and next years #1 Draft choice. Draft Early/Draft Often. Drafting at the front of each Round. I think our 1st 5 picks are PLAYERS. 2 or 3 after that could be solid depth in a year or two. NICE! This will be a fun year with all these talented young players. I bet we DON`T Pray for our Kickoff returner to just Kneel down PLEASE! ;- ) Gawd that was Awful last season.
  3. Yes. All he can do is pass block. Of course he is a ProBowl caliber blocker that OUR Fans whined & cried about and wanted to PAY $4.5 MILLION. Clueless!
  4. non of the above. next one should be Reggie or Dwight
  5. Actually, you have no idea if he would be a great pickup. Have you had a look at his MRI`s. put him through a workout?
  6. Ngata is an amazing athletic Freak. Chapman has None of Ngata`s Burst or he would have gone in the 1st even with the injury.IMO But they say he can`t be MOVED. So I would have been Happy if he was our 3rd pick. Just saying. I expect Chapman to be an NFL Never Quit Warrior. aka Ray Lewis.
  7. I agree. Year 3-4 these big guys have learned the league. Develope their bodies, mind and techniques to battle top notch O-Lineman. I think he could be very good at this DE position.
  8. The Ravens played a 4 man front 58% of the time last season. BTW, Nevis is a starting DE at this time. Short for that run stopping position, lacking length to get arms up into passing lanes. Would expect him to slide over to DT in the 4-3. He did look stout in his brief season, IMO. We are going to see Dwight rushing big time as always. Just more looks. Vannila is Out the Door!! Sounds good 2 me.
  9. Powers isn`t a big time talent. He has been ok/pretty good in the passive cover two when healthy. IMO. Will he be good at the more aggressive man to man often required in this new defense. No reason at this time to expect him to be "big time" in man to man. Cross our fingers. We had absolutely NOTHING in our return game last year. Never seen any Team worse. Hopefully we can be good at it going forward. It is a Big Deal.
  10. So many words. Succeding in the NFL, IMO, is much harder than you seem to comprehend. Go Colts!
  11. Wouldn`t it take a new contract to make it worthwhile? Don`t think we have the Millions available now to do that. The guy has an injured shoulder now BTW. Trust Pagano & Grigson to know his value tho.
  12. You think Phillip Wheeler is a good player? ! The guy never did anything. Your grades are bonkers. JMO of course.
  13. You seem to not have a CLUE. But thats ok.
  14. I can`t wait to see him knocked on his ... greedy a$$ wallet!
  15. Scalpers made a living off it. Losing and Peyton leaving FORCED them out of the business. People that have wanted to go to games will have a new chance. And we should expect FANS to Like new players over time. Go Colts!
  16. An example of a REACH to keep Peyton happy. They passed on LaMarr Woodley, Eric Weddle, Sidney Rice. 2007 draft- so weak Rd #1 Gonzo Rd #2 Ugoh for a 1st and a 4th Rd#3 Quinn Pitcock Rd #4 Brannon Condren Rd #4 Clint Session Rd#5 Roy Hall Rd#5 Michael Coe Rd#7 Keyunta Dawson
  17. #1 they did sign a DB from the Ravens. #2 they had little $$ to spend so they signed three guys to start on the O-Line ( a small need) Cory Redding and that NT. FA Cornerbacks cost so much you build there through the draft 1st. Even if you had $10M to spend on one this off season what is the rush. You don`t know what you have on the Current roster, and the team is going to stink for a couple years and you would be basically blowing $20M. IMO Grigson was Quoted as saying they just missed out on a cornerback early in the draft. This would have been HIS BPA on his draft board. You ask what happened. He DID NOT FALL to the Colts! How simple. Cornerbacks, Pass rushers, Left Tackles provide the best value in the draft, AGREE? We have NO REASON to believe they will draft a left tackle Early in 2013, correct? So there is REASON to believe they will draft a CB with one of the first two picks in 2013, IMO. Based on Value and the need for depth, IMO Grigson will be targeting "in his hopes and dreams" at least one BPA CB/S in the 1st 3 rds, for the next few years.
  18. Snow has done a great job. And he covers punts very well. But he is a bit pricey.
  19. You just don`t get to pick whoever you want dude. Manusky may have been his 7th choice for all we know. But maybe also his 1st choice of those definitely available. Pagano as head coach, I have no doubt will have HIS own D philosophy all over this Team. And really, this 1st year will be all about teaching, culling out those that don`t fit, just turning the ship in the right direction. Don`t you think we are at LEAST 2-3 years away from having lots of new players up to speed. Pagano may have someone else in mind by then. Wade Phillips? ;- )
  20. Many of these players won`t make the final roster for 2012. IMO, there is Noone on this list that would be a big loss. CB Powers of course has value. Health issues and how well he fits this D are considerations. Justin Snow is great, he can`t last forever, and he does cost an extra half million. Probably 1/2 the guys that make the 2012 roster won`t be on the 2014 roster.
  21. How about our O-Line? Castanzo looked a little lanky to me but he was Highly rated for overall talent. No reason he won`t improve over the next couple seasons and be a Very Solid tackle. Joe Reitz. I thought he looked pretty athletic. He put on 50 lbs after BB to give himself an NFL body. This kid might surprise us how good he gets, maybe a starter, hopefully a solid backup at least. Mike McGlynn- I think he was brought here to be a starter. Still a young player who has started on top 5 rushing attacks. He came here to be a starter. He may also be our 2nd Center. Samson Satelle- 74 Career starts and still 27. Solid run blocker. not bad for Re-b........ ;- ) Ben Ijalana- For a Rookie, I thought he looked like he could be Top Notch as a RT. Drafted to be a Guard. I thought he moved very well at LT for the moment he replaced Castonzo. When he gets healthy he will be Rock Solid wherever THEY put him. I think the hope is a Starting guard this season, hoping that Justice stays healthy and plays well. If Justice performs, a new contract may await. Winston Justice- Projected Starter at RT Considered a bust as a 2nd rd Philliy pick drafted to play LT. Until 2009 when: He was moved to RT "I don't know what got in to Justice, but he was an absolute beast in the run game. By far his best performance of the season in that area, and I don't even think it's close. Great block on Vick’s 34-yard run and several others, including McCoy's 3rd-and-1 conversion in the third. Not just adequate. He was taking guys to the ground. In the pass game, he was solid as usual. Really one of the great stories on this team this season." He got a new 4 year contract in 2009. Battled some knee problems since. A younger, cheaper guy came along and we picked him up from Philly. Grigson has to know what he has here, We can hope he is healthy. He came cheap, he could be a nice asset. I expect Ijalana to be his backup when Healthy. So this is 6 guys i feel pretty good about. Hope they stay healthy. GL to the staff developing 3-4 more for this season. I could certainly see them picking up a veteran or two over the summer. Our 6th Lineman, I would expect TE Eldridge to continue improving, his best days should be ahead. I do think Andrew is mentall preparing himself to get rid of the ball QUICKLY! Go Colts!!
  22. We are to believe our Rookie Peaked in year One. Sorry dude, that is ILLOGICAL. He Never has to be a ProBowler to be a Rock Solid player. Move Costanzo to RT? Justice is Bigger and played at a high level when he was healthy, as he is now. Didn`t Ijalana look Great at RT and good at LT when he played. He looks to be a starting guard this year when healthy, and a VERY Good RT going forward if needed. Pplease dump your amateur Man-Love for ANOTHER BAD Necked Over Priced Question mark.
  23. Guessing this is a new Colts fan who know absolutely nothing about his new team. Nor anything about the progress of his favorite players injury.
  24. 4-2. I think so too. Kavell Connor could be solid out there with him in that formation. He runs well. Not saying Elite, just solid. Crossing my fingers hoping this D has a place for Jerry Hughes. We will get an elite LB in the next few years. And a corner or two.
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