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  1. Especially this part ( assuming TRich finds them) We are Anxiously awaiting...
  2. Clearly you mis-spoke the obvious. Mediocrity is all Browns & Colts Fans have been treated to by TRICH when he has played against Professionals. Yes of course he LOOKED fine against high schoolers and the 19-21 year old`s while playing behind 3-4 Elite Bama O-Lineman. Can you say Mark Ingram. Having watched TR as a Colts play after play in HD slo-mo, i watched a guy go right when the hole was opening just to his left... It happened over and over and... he showed no intuition. WE ALL had watched our Donald Brown do the same for years. Like magic, for DB the light turned on. I`m jus
  3. I expect Grigs to make a move for the O-Lineman he Covets. More likely in the 3rd due to cost.
  4. I have real doubts Trent has the FB IQ to be a Monster. As a Colts Fan please believe it would be fantastic to have TRich show the World... He shows the kind of Power like a Marshon Lynch, IMO! So i Believe in his potential. I am hoping our pick 59, maybe even 90, is a soon to be VG Starting Guard. Lets build that Interior line to be a Moster!
  5. You know how to pick`em. Hill is our kind of guy. Facing his 3rd drug suspension, a question whether he will be out the whole season.
  6. Of course they didn`t use our 26th pick, they made a trade for a higher pick so That will always be the link. We will see if FB IQ is an issue for TR. The Browns are deep into their Monster Build, for all you clueless Haters.
  7. Uh huh! Now they can take Bethea out on passing downs. That would be Great!
  8. The Dark Side is unfortunate, but he Loves his Colts! Get it right Jim! You have resources that few have. No Excuses.
  9. I wonder if Clowney will ever learn to play some run D, or will he be like ...
  10. The best defense is the one sitting on the bench. Pep ran a crazy 65% up the middle. Allen would have changed that number i do believe. JMO, but the Best way to help this team is to be very strong up the middle, so a Stud Guard is what we need now. Who do we like, who will we have a shot at? Who can be our starter at some point this season? My guess for our board Gabe Jackson-Bitonio Trai Turner IMO Holmes would make a VG Guard so drafting Marcus Martin also works for me.
  11. Guess I would bet the Trifecta that picks 14,15, & 16 are not 1st rd picks. lol
  12. Let them pay him all they want, we will just sic TY on him! A ridiculous Salary.
  13. That would be a VG draft. With a thin S class kinda figure they get pushed up so Buchannon is very iffy at 59 in that case. lol Yes yes on Exum and Thomas. If Brown is there, Yes on his potential. Same with Ellis. yes Make it happen! Go Colts!
  14. Nice job. A fan of what Attaochu (I figure a trade up is required) brings, and digging thru what is available a CB/Safety at 90 brings up Exum as a fit for our scheme for me.
  15. It is classy and Pete would make sure the Agents that had sent him guys who made the Brochure, Free copies, and ... be hoping this is the start of a beautiful relationship.
  16. I use a wejjee board to find out a lot of this stuff. LOL Grigson said our board has been set for awhile and that this additional time HAS been used very much so for just this subject. HBA, Pete (who I get a kick out of) and his crew are working tirelessly on their favorite UDFA prospects and their Agents because finding a few GEMS is a Huge deal. They Know they are out there.
  17. Maybe people are thinking games are won in the trenches and that developing a VG line should be a priority. Donald Thomas was quoted as saying his injury was worse than an ACL, and the team reported he was coming along slower than hoped. He was an OK FA sign, but not a guy who had been able to break into a lineup. I`m thinking he is still not doing any heavy lower body work and could be way behind on that come training camp. Some got just how bad H Thornton was and are nervous about what kind of jump he will make. Most here didn`t bother to check out Lance Louis when we signed him and if
  18. Grigson in his presser spoke of going to see potential UDFA, sometimes in the middle of nowhere, to show real interest and to build relationships. Hmmm! Pretty classy way to do it, IMO. That, or a brochure?
  19. Building a Quality O-Line sounds great so if our GM is excited to, and gets to pick one of these guys I AM Excited. Roberson had such a slow 40, i don`t think he would be on our draft board. 4.61 TSmith gets lost as a tweener for our D, IMO of course, and seems to have failed the combine drug test. So....
  20. I get what you did there with "shovel-ready". I would go with the Colts 5th for him. Just sayin'.
  21. Brooks could be rated that high by us, or we could trade back a little if possible, to get him Some picks later. Why people think some developemental C would beat out Austin is beyond me. lol He is big, strong, has a season in the offense, a developed UDFA, just like the Centers fans here were begging for that GOT Dumped by the Packers & Saints. He could be a very decent starting Center if given a shot. And supposed fans don`t even know he exists. What a joke. Donald Thomas hadn`t done Anything his 1st 3 years and played OK when Mankins got injured. Grigson took a shot for decent $$$
  22. The Clark pick was a mistake. Tamme proved that. A number of quality defensive players were available. Looks like Dungy had a miss as his target unfortunately. Jason Whitten would have been fine with our 2nd round pick.
  23. Now we know. A decent read. I had forgotten the Kush aspect of the Elway deal. And Cleveland lost the Browns, Baltimore didn`t steal them either.
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