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  1. Shive you have done a great job explaining this. Simply, it was a very good signing for depth. Period! You have hit a brick wall on the subject. This time. Mack has earned respect and got it. And we should wish him success in life and on the field. The guy is among real friends as a Colt.
  2. They were kind enough to isolate a play or two of his. He showed some GREAT footwork getting off the line and quickness breaking into his routes. He caught he ____ ball, brought it in tight and charged ahead for all it was worth. It WAS very high end work IMO.
  3. Irsay struck a match to $8M out of loyalty. The boss is always right. TY will be a Ring of Honor no doubt. And the game goes on.
  4. I have seen enough now to comment on our play calling. Frank runs when they think he will run. The same with passing of course. I see no creativity with our blocking schemes. Zone blocking and we usually have a couple of our lineman getting driven back on way to many plays. Reminds me of Peps offense. We needed 6 yards on 3rd down and we sent 4 receivers 15 yards downfield with no outlet. idiocy! These play combinations are so easy to read, Frank is the final decision maker and he IS a problem.
  5. His passes were catchable but usually poorly placed. He was not at all accurate in the purest sense. Wouldn't you agree at least half his misses were short passes that were not even close to very open receivers. His game reminds me of Lucks, someone that will live and die with hs deep throws, and some running. It's funny remembering how ugly Luck's slides were. Wentz always dives forward leaving himself open for risky hits. I'm guessing Wentz is afraid to slide.
  6. GEE, maybe we see a guy that might be one of the best LT's, one that could actually earn LT $$$, knowing that good guards are findable and cost MUCH LESS $$$, AND we would be playing with a VERY GOOD combo for much less $$$. Q $20M F $ 14M or Q $20M Pitner $1M And $13M for more talent - very simple really
  7. Let me take this one. If you get a very good QB for 1 top 10 pick and a 3rd, That is a STEAL!! Anyone that can't comprehend this is a poorly informed non football person.
  8. His misses are high and a little off target. The guy is throwing some beautiful stuff too, but you have to lead your receivers and keep the ball down a lot to be successful.
  9. Please don't say it. Turay, Banogu, and Lewis have considerable athletic skills. They have enough brains or surely we wouldn't have drafted them. They passed our character and intestinal fortitude baselines. I would like to hold Robert Mathis accountable for some % of their failure to develop. It just doesn't add up to their mediocrity. We can still hope the light comes on and they break out. Please!!
  10. Leonards ankle, Q's back, Wentz's playing style... another hand full of things that don't look quite right. We need a little help down here!
  11. That would be the opposite of true if the QB is what they think he is. All of our picks will be earlier next season. And everyone gets used to playing together for a season.
  12. Laughable. It's the NFL. He easily could be our #1 right now or anytime soon. He is healthy and a good RB.
  13. Striking up criticism here can get off the rails easily. What i have been reading here on this question has been a lot of fair, even handed, intelligent perspectives. Good food for thought. Good job!
  14. If you have any pride losing will fray some edges. Our youth and inexperience is showing. Throw in the injuries and a few mental mistakes and ... that is where we are at. I have ZERO doubt the players have enough leadership and character to give Frank their all. You have expressed your opinion fairly, i believe you are under estimating the reward of drafting for leadership and character the way Ballard does. This, IS the time they are called upon to stand together. This team is going to fight Sunday!!
  15. If we are in a 4-3 your outside backers have play fast. Adams and Leonard (right now for sure) lack speed to cover. When we are in our more usual 4-2, we are really exposed. Our safeties and corners have to play highly intelligent, quick reaction football, and tackle really well. We are screwing up the highly intelligent part and leaving guys wide open in 1.5 sec. so they aren't hard to find. You see it i'm sure. A great pass rush won't fix that. Flus and our boys Must get their stuff together. Leonard may be running at 90% (it seems) and that isn't getting it done. In the short term only lesser opponents will help us. I hope. Again i say, it felt good before the regular season began to be optomistic. Yet we have Many, very young players that will require a few years of coaching up and game experience playing together (this helps with mental mistakes) to play well as a unit. So this WAS/IS a learning year. And it is showing. Maybe by the second half of NEXT season our D will be stepping up to be much more solid. Hope is good, right now we have to deal with reality. We have coaches and players that need to do better. How can Lewis, Turay, and Banogu all be duds playing for Flus??
  16. Nobody is going to be able to get through to you. Sorry!
  17. Ballard and EB get to enjoy their player development.
  18. The GARDoyle is the Dunce of Darkness. Your Paid to Play!! I'd like to remind everyone that all of the coaches on offense are asked to contribute to the weekly game plan. Wentz did some not very bright things. It worries me. Moore is giving up separation in ways that concerns me. To much, to easy. Muhammad not protecting his edge. This is serious. Rhodes mental mistakes, and physical issues. He is toast for now. Leonard isn't getting it done mentally or physically. SO FAR, Lewis, Turay, and Banogu are Zeroes. Ballard drafted Lewis to be a Tweener, he is neither. A Massive miss so far. Turay and Banogu could be cut tomorrow and what would we be missing? We know Teams have bad seasons, it's the way things bounce sometimes. This season doesn't look like it's going to be a joyride. And NOTHING Posted here is going to fix Anything. lol
  19. Getting NOTHING from Lewis, Turay, & Banogu is a disaster for our D, for the Franchise. We know Wentz is way behind with lost work in the pre-season and lately. His decision making and accuracy isn't where it Has to be. Surprise Surprise Surprise Muhammad gives up the outside. HURL!
  20. Just a bad pass by Wentz. An easy catch in the corner.
  21. Wouldn't it really scream that who they already have on the PS is not impressing them.
  22. Reggie this year or next. Mathis maybe someday. He was an A pass rusher, will be be docked for being a C- run defender.
  23. Yet you didn't see his draft board that is based on a huge amount of input from our scouts and position coaches. I doubt there was more than two LT's in this draft that we were high on, and it was a darn shame they were not there for us ahead of the other 31 interested parties. Oh, but gee whizz, he had more than an inkling that a 31 year old Pro Bowler was anxiously looking at us for a job. This whinner attitude that has permiated this board for months is worthy of criticism. People with all the available information they can muster get together and then must make their conclussions. And with hiring human beings there WILL ALWAYS be an element like throwing darts. Or like Ballard and our Colts, can you actually get the horse to run!
  24. But it was an Obvious great use of resources at the time getting the player that we did. Being the guy that looks BACKWARDS making personal judgements that gives one opportunities to vilify just exposes that guy for what HE is. I liken it to being a "Doylester". Stuff that goes straight to the Dumpster.
  25. Oh there is CLOWN SHOW alright and guess who is leading it! Anyone Anyone Perhaps with Smith out, and Kelly at less than 100%, coach believes he needs a 2nd QB, one that needs some reps in case he has to play. And one that Can run certain plays in certain situations. Think before you speak sometimes! Don't be a pathetic fan always looking for any chance to B & WHINE! It's unbecoming.
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