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  1. You have to NOT Believe in getting better, and try as i might i can't get the Bracket comparison. Bracket became pretty decent against the run but his height/length was a weakness dropping in coverage. Oke seems the opposite. As of today. Some think he has a brain and that experience should benefit him in all areas of his game. This should be a really good learning year for him.
  2. Trade a known unknown for a 5th. CB would have to. Can't believe it would be offered, now.
  3. Sorry, but letting Walker go was an answer. And Ya-Sin is on the ropes. Patience. Give the new guys half a season please.
  4. Hmmm, they must believe his equal or better is already on the team. Walker's snaps were heading South. He was very replaceable considering his poor pass coverage.
  5. Walker was very much like Jackson became. Pretty much when the offense Wants a gimme 7 yard pass play, there they were to be exploited. Speed should be the next man up. And no doubt he is going to need considerable game experience to play fast. That is just part of it.
  6. In this defense Cato June made the Pro Bowl. It is a stat stuffing position. DL stops the run and creates turnovers better than June. Probably plays in space about the same. He is WORTH $12M to this D. Such is the NFL.
  7. They absolutely have shown what they can be. Smart, fast, high caliber players. They do Not have to be Great individually when you have an abundance of weapons. kPractice, coaching, game experience = a natural progression in ability to execute their jobs. We have everything necessary, line, RB's, TE blocking and Many fast gifted pass catchers. And hopefully what will quickly become a fast reacting, good thinking, accurate enough QB to put up a lot of points. It is a reasonable Expectation for this group. History says by mid-season Frank should have them really rolling.
  8. If your drafted players don't pan out to a very high level your are just hoping to be 8-8. So their is no Risk relying on drafting because it just IS! WR Already has been addressed going forward for the next SB run, and it IS easy to see that NEXT season CB will be the next Priority. The team and needs change Every season. LMAO, as it is said if players meet expectations or better 60% in the NFL you are doing good. Let us be reminded the failures from the top 15 is also very high.
  9. He wouldn't be 24th but he might replace Glow or Kelly. Gee, the line seems important to some, and there is a good chance he starts games THIS season. I feel like i have a decent feel for how 24 players will do so come the first 2 pre-season games i will be anxious about... Eason Pinter Speed Kwity Granger Lewis I have an order but it would be wrong so..
  10. Actually, the CB's got away with murder. Manning had so many one and dones, he got intercepted so many times in the playoffs, San Diego-Patriots, that the league had to change the rules so their Poster Boy could win in the playoffs . There is of course a lot of shirt grabbing now, but NOTHING like the abuse receivers used to take.
  11. We certainly need a front four that is better at pressuring the QB. When combined with playing with a lead that then puts our opponent in more passing situations... that will help a lot. lol
  12. Not sure anybody fought of CB's better than Irvin. A Great competitor! We have a guy that can get it down field now, so let's see if one of Ballards big boys can do us some Mike Evans style of FB.
  13. Born makes me think he is a paid contrarian here to drumb up some action.
  14. CAstonzo had one season he graded just into the top ten. And he benefitted a great deal having Nelson help protect his inside. He was a good Colt.
  15. He had a 18 year vet QB that got rid of the ball any time pressure came. Starting about his 6th season, Mannings o-line had amazing stats like Smith has. Smith got beat bad quite a bit and Rivers was always ready for it. He is top notch as a run blocker and just decent as a pass blocker. Glad to have him for sure but there is no reason to ignore the elephant in the room. And i do think he would make as good or better as a guard because of his slight lack of quickness. He is more of a bull than a cat.
  16. I definitely have not given up on him as a DE. He is strong and hopefully relentless. If he does his job reasonably well and the other 3 guys get good pressure, he will have a chance to make a lot of plays. Have i seen anything so far that makes me expect him to become a really good pass rusher, one that makes the guy beside him better? Nada! But it could happen, and that would be GREAT!!!
  17. And all the measurebles in the world didn't look good enough to the coaches to make them believe they had what they thought they had drafted. Their hopes died swiftly. We see the tape quite differently. Call it stiff in the hips or whatever lacking they (not you) want, but this Guy shows little ability to drop in coverage, chase sideline to sideline, that bending, twisting, elusive athletic ability that makes a man hard to block. We will see if they can coach that up.
  18. It is important that you included Rochelle. He and perhaps Lewis will get snaps inside that we can hope will help that pass rush.
  19. Uh, you should watch him play. He isn't loose, and highly athletic. Going forward is what he does and his lack of athleticism/explosiveness has kept him on the bench. He better become Great with his hands!
  20. What if is such fun... Say we don't franchise tag Lewis and he gets a 4 yr $48M offer. You say Ballard will suck if he doesn't match it, and Lewis of course has to take it. Weeeee, what if!
  21. He clearly can no longer RUN with the big dogs. Ballard rcently talked about the minimum measureables he requires to make someone draftable. I do not believe Houston was close enough to those speed numbers to be able to chase around at the minimum levels that are required for this defense.
  22. I would have been disappointed if he wasn't. It would have shown a leadership issue if he wasn't invited, and a poor decision by Eason if he chose not to show. And besides, Wentz should have a reasonable limit on throws per day. This would also give him quality time on the field (sideline) to talk and Listen. Sounds like this is an Excellent opportunity to build unity, to sharpen mental and physical skills, to push the process for a good camp and pre-season. Now tell me Reggie is there!! Carson is prepping for a Fast start!!!
  23. And history shows new free agents do not play up to their immediate past levels, certainly in year one. And a high % are dumped after year two based on performance. Wash, rinse, repeat. That is why Our Own players are worth more to us. The staff KNOWS them and they are bonded.
  24. Based on very little information... You Would Have Done... That is plain fantasy of course. You have always been in a rush. I respectfully say no more.
  25. I have high hopes for Turay. At a listed 6'5" 248 he is very much like Mathis who got run over. His Strength is in any pass rush situation. Paye at a very muscley 6'2" 260+, he is more like James Harrison. I would expect him to be a much better run defender soon, very soon. They are an exciting combo IMO.
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