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  1. Getting a year with Rivers was as good break as he could have gotten. Mo-alie said he could track his high release point well, he threw hard but has shown some touch. Reading defenses and getting his blocking is no doubt a huge challenge, but i am rooting for him just like i did when Manning went 1-15 and set the record with 28 int's. Manning had 100 int's total in his 1st 5 seasons. hahaha! It took him awhile whinners!
  2. He has played through some lower back issues. What do you expect at his size and years of play. That he will miss playing time on the next contract is more likely than not. Same with Leonard with ankles, shoulders.
  3. Perfect The lamentation in Philly.
  4. Thinking along the lines that this is a very young team with so much learning/experience needing gained, and that we are unlikely top contenders, i won't get depressed like some here might, if Wenzt costs us just a 2nd rd pick. I find that a not too bad outcome. Winning the last game of the season is the Ultimate goal, but there is a road that leads to that cresendo. We have soooo many guys i look forward to seeing them reach their best FB selves. 2022 and beyond looks beautiful to me!! Just hoping to be here for it!! lol My first GO COLTS for 2021.
  5. I question whether he absolutely wanted a weapon "for him" with the draft pick, rather that he just wanted someone on the field that could help them win. Clearly he didn't like the weapon loss of Randall Cobb or that no name that also really seemed to P*** him off. I think this worked out very much like what his goal was. Stay in GB, and improve his chances of winning the big one.
  6. Would love Rogers next year. Sorry, but there won't be $40+M to pay him so bla bla bla.
  7. Luck smoked Irsay for $26M while choosing to sit out that last season. Irsay had the right to challenge it. Bad optics/dirty $$$. And Irsay never said he would pay him beyond this, your memory is just off on this one. No biggy.
  8. Eb was teaching the class about using your eyes reading keys. Like Ray Lewis, and for us older fans Singletary. Now we have Okereke. Smart, faster and longer than Walker, ready to raise the level of our D.
  9. i suspect he would do about as well or better than Manning did in year one.
  10. We have a dozen very young players to get excited about. Absolutely Eason, Ehlinger sounds scrappy, Hundley seems like a right kind of guy for the situation. Wentz out, Kelly out, just means more practice for guys Ballard has plans for. There is a plus to getting as many guys ready for next man up.
  11. Gee, i hope they work the most on the quick short game. If you can't do it well you just are not going to win against good teams, good defenses. Heaving the ball deep 6-8 times a game can happen pretty easily when everything else is working well..
  12. lasting effect injuries happen this fast foreshadowing of what's to come Prayers for you, that you can be hopeful in your days.
  13. Some here think Eason is better suited to backup Gladys Knight.
  14. Where is the betting action at? I'm ready to drop $50 on it.
  15. Wentz showed it in practice yesterday to Pascal. He can roll out, create that extra second or so for that bump, shake, move that creates space deep. He just has to lay the ball to the side away from the defender. And we have at least 5 guys that defenders will have great difficulty with. We are going to spray it around, otherwise Pittman could be a 1200 yd receiver. He is going to show his great crossing route then break it up and pow... gonna be fun fun fun to watch. Not just him!!!
  16. Anyone that has closely watched Zach, especially with the help of replays, has seen a guy that is getting excellent at setting up DB's. Often very subtle little head/shoulder fakes (like reggie) that give him an edge. Reggie had some of the best hands ever, 10's, and Zach's are probably 9's ish. With his blocking, he is a top 15 player for us. JMO of course.
  17. Pittman is going to be a good joister and be getting 1-2 deep balls per game. And Rock will forever have issues deep.
  18. Just remember how Rivers looked the 1st 5 games or so. The naysayers are likely going to have their day early in the season because there will be timing and touch issues for awhile. If we have one of the better ground games, which i expect, and a defense that can give up 22-23 points a game, we will be over .500. Takeaways, field goals, effeciency in the red zone, and bounces of the ball will determine how much above .500. 9-12 wins and lace'em up.
  19. Or, we needed a body for the drills and he was available.
  20. Conklin was damaged and his game had fallen somewhat. They took a little bit of a gamble on him. He and Smith play a very similar game. Games against Tenn. are going to be doozies!!
  21. I'm glad he will cost us $14.5M over 5 years. It will look like a good deal in years 4-5.
  22. We will actually get to see how well he can hold a block while on the move now that we have a mobile QB that holds onto the ball for those longer throws. Being the athlete that he is not, i expect him to give up some hard hits to CW.
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