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  1. I ain't no spring chicken! It would get me into my seventies. My last A1C was 5.4, so the Doc doesn't say much about that extra 50lbs i'm toting. Family history shows considerable just falling over dead, but they were smokers. My dear Mom at 60, and older Bro at 69 were 2 of them. It keeps the warmth, and I Love You good byes easy, particularly with my 3 siblings! For our arm chair foot DR'S... my podiatrist wants to remove the knuckle from my pinky toe to eliminate the inflection south of it. I have a sizeable callous that will not go away, that got infected last year. It healed back as a callous after his removing a half dollar sized one, going through all layers of skin and some sub to that. There are some angry nerves, and considerable soreness in the area. Yes i have special shoes and inserts to help mitigate, and they help very little. Walking for exercise is out. A REAL Pi$$er! Thank goodness the spirit is in me and i still have my SUNNY disposition!
  2. If we played an old style 4-3 i think Darius would cover the flats and his other pass defense duties really well. He is stuck more inside in this 4-2 with Heavy run stopping obligations, so he is instinctively is lit up to go forward. His instincts have already proven to be really good, and the great ones just get better. It bodes well that he will continue to be in the right spot and to use his maniacal aggression to make game changing, big time plays. That is how he can EARN whatever his wages are. We all just want to see him and our TEAM in AFC Championship games... and BEYOND!
  3. I will take the Under DL over the next 5 seasons plays in more than 65 games. Im looking forward to our front 4 being better going forward and that should help him be less of a target in pass coverage. Of course i'd guess i'm 40/60 being above ground in 5 to see it!
  4. I like that piece of equipment, looks like solid resistance. Simulats some pretty heavy contact without some of the full contact risk.
  5. Thanks to someone here providing a nice video, i got to watch him get off the line. I saw a guy that had quick feet no matter his size. Now with that size he IS going to be a beast in press man coverage on the quick short stuff. Another solid link in the chain coming soon. He is promising anyway..
  6. This last year or so has been hard on most everyone. We are together on that. Luck quiting on us, the Jacoby experiment being a failure, has been hard to handle. The team has been built really well in the meantime, and Rivers ended up being a positive outcome, with much thanks to his and Reichs past. We can all agree this Wentz injury is way to deja-vuey, but oh well. It happened 5 weeks before the season starts and that is a good thing all in all. With so many really young players, and the leagues toughest early schedule we were up against it anyway. Running game, defense, and special teams are in good shape. IMO. I see us going 9-3 on the back end and being Hot going into the Playoffs! Being optimistic now is just that easy.
  7. Let him be someone else's problem. A good LB'er would interest us.
  8. Ballard and his staff have 3 backup tackles that THEY CHOSE. Who ARE YOU?
  9. It is not important that you don't know why. Leave it to people that do know and we have a much better chance of succeding.
  10. Manning was fluttering and giving up a huge number of Int's in the reglar season and playoffs through FIVE YEARS! It wasn't until that Steeler beat down in his year 5 playoffs when he still had "happy feet", that means he blew up under pressure and threw stupid stuff, for you younguns, that he worked fanatically hard to fix his "flutter", of which his spiral Did get much tighter. He also worked fanatically hard on his throwing quick, harder, and very accurately, like Brady. He succeded. Cornerbacks are going to be looking to jump on the rookie, so quick double moves are a premium. Hines, Campbell, Granson can be Great at stretching the LB's sideline to sideline. I'm sure am glad Wentz didn't go down a week before the season started!!! Just a reminder about what Mo-allie said about easons ball coming out from such a high point. That you can track it really well. And though he threw hard, he also shows touch. A year behind Rivers had to turn some lights on. It makes his signing look better if Eason surprises!
  11. Coach did it with Brissett (gag), there is good reason to believe Ehl is running some short yardage 3rd, 4th down, and goal line useable stuff soon, very soon. Pretty exciting really!! Sean Payton ain't no f**l, and neither is Frank. Attack! Attack! Attack!
  12. Rivers said he was fat and interested in a late season eta. He has kiddy football to coach in the meantime.
  13. You make a small incision, take a small bone out then maybe a few stitches, maybe just glue. The wound is healed over pretty much in 2 weeks, they are back carefully walking around for another week or two and it should be 90+ % healed back. Mostly just soreness. You tape it up, maybe a little local for the pain and you ramp it up for heavier duty. 6 weeks and pretty well ready to go physically. Q would probably back off on the in-season practice schedule some the first 2-4 weeks, Wentz probably a little of that too. See how easy it is to make this **** up. Seattle will of course stack the box and put a lot of pressure on our QB. Certainly having Kelly and Q playing well then is a Huge deal. The same would have been true for Wentz. We were counting on a very capable run game for us to be able to compete offensively. On the other side, our front 7 may be good, very good! And our safeties will play well IMO.
  14. Wow! Accuracy and timing with that big arm. You can't defend it. It certainly bodes well long term.
  15. You don't know what Eason IS Today so IMO, your argument is moot.
  16. It's like you don't understand that Eason has likely had few days off from "working" since before he was drafted.
  17. Maybe because there is a long list of the greatest QB's being statues. They throw accurately, on time, into tight windows. It really is that simple. But hey, let's get excited about your rookie. Go Sam!
  18. Sounds like we are giving up a number of deep balls so that concerns me. It may take a few games of game experience but i think EB can coach up our run D. Walker was spending a lot of time on the bench the 2nd half of the season, i thank him for his service.
  19. Sorry, so YOU think at the college level Ehlinger proved enough he is the guy over Eason who is a year older, been in the offense for over a year, who has been coached up in the meeting room and on the field by a supposedly unfoolable Rivers. I see where Joe Burrows is having trouble processing. Some here wanted Jacoby back now. He NEVER learned to process and never trusted himself to fit it in tight windows. Just wondering, did you see Manning throw his record 28 int's his rookie year? 100 in the regular season his 1st 5 years. Seattle will be tough on Eason.
  20. So Sam is as good as he is gonna get? Hmmm! Someone needs to revise and extend their remarks i'm a think'in. I would like to know what Sam's velocity is compared to what Brees was at Sam's age.
  21. I actually like hearing that he can throw a "Beautiful" ball. Were gonna run it, short pass very well, and pass block well too. And that should make for a 4-6 good shots downfield with little pressure in any of our QB's faces. And they ALL throw better that way! Nice!!!
  22. Gee, seems like the GOAT got that way by throwing short and accurate. Move the chains, control the time. A season of watching Rivers should have educated even the hardest heads.
  23. Most Excellent! Them sum++++++ gonna be back ready to kick Bu++!!!!
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