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  1. Watching them race in the 40 would be more entertaining than the game.
  2. So? Again it didn't translate into winning a super bowl. He won with Deion Branch. Lets give Pagano some real talent to work with on defense.
  3. It does seem that Brown has had gaping holes to run through when he gets the ball. Need to see if it is the play calling or what that differs
  4. So where were these non existent holes when Bradshaw was playing? We didn't invest a 1st round pick to have a guy that averages 3ypc and can block well. Maybe if this was 1980 this would be okay. The OL isn't as bad as you make it out to be. Castonzo has been really good most of this year. Our guards are terrible. Again it should take all year for Richardson to get in sync. So is Cleveland
  5. You are right lets focus on this year where he is still underwhelming. Runningbacks are normally the easiest plug in and play position. Ahmad Bradshaw was looking great for us. Richardson has 10 times the ability he does yet it hasn't translated to success on the field.
  6. Apparently I missed where Trent made the pro bowl as a rookie and nearly had 2000 yards from scrimmage.
  7. It is hard to be patient when he is doing the exact same things that made him expendable in Cleveland.
  8. I'll keep waiting and he will keep averaging a low 3.xx YPC. He makes it look tough because he runs right into the line and then has to fight defenders to get his 3 yards. Runningbacks are known for coming in and making an imact right away. Doug Martin did it last year while missing his pro bowl guards. Richardson is 21 games into his pro career now. People need to stop giving him excuses.
  9. Ways that have worked in the past -Option defense like what the patriots run - Get in his face and disrupt him Outscoring them usually doesn't work.
  10. T-Rich is what he is. The biggest run he had today came with a gaping hole to run through. He doesn't have good vision and struggles to find a hole to run through. He can run ahead and get 3 yards. If you need 3 yards he will get you 3 yards. If you need 10 yards he will get you 3 yards.
  11. Glad to see them take some deep shots to TY today. He can go up and get the ball then make defenders miss. The colts are still developing the game plan and finding their identity which is scary. TY is our best playmaker on offense and we need to get the ball in his hands as much as possible.
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